How to Modify the Default Admin Color Scheme on Your WordPress

The latest WordPress version 3.8 has come up with a complete new dashboard design. The design of this latest WordPress is fully responsive and beautiful.

Many users haven’t liked the dark colour scheme which has come up by default with the theme. Apart from this dark colour scheme, the WordPress even supports 8 other colour schemes.

If you don’t like the colour scheme , you can quickly switch between the various colour schemes. The entire information on how to change the admin colour scheme is clearly depicted in this WordPress tutorial.

In case, if you wish to choose a different colour scheme, then you can simply achieve it by reaching the User option and from there you must click on the Your Profile present in the WordPress admin area.

Now to change the colour of your admin, you need to download , install and active the Admin Colour Schemes plugin and upon activating it, you can directly point to Users and then reach the option that says Your Profile to view all the 8 unique colour schemes.

The WordPress admin colour schemes will provide you a new opportunity to customize the entire dashboard. WordPress users spend most of their day in creating posts, moderating comments etc.  and on finding these refreshing colour schemes, they can choose any colour scheme based on their preferences.

Plugins that can help you in changing the colour of admin area:

WP Admin Classic Colors

This plugin named WP Admin Classic Colors will quickly add an option using which you can change the colour scheme of your admin area.

The plugin supports two different color schemes that include light gray and blue colour. It even adds a visible menu separators between the menu blocks and different menu items present on the website.

WP Admin Classic Colors

WP Admin Classic

This WordPress plugin quickly disables the admin theme in the WordPress version 3.8 and gets you back to the old design. It always comes in handy if you wish to resist the latest unveiled admin design and it can be useful in taking your website backwards.

WP Admin Classic

Quick Admin Color Scheme Picker

This plugin will insert the colour scheme options to the striking Howdy menu that you can find at the top right of your WordPress admin and users can quickly access it by reaching there.

Quick Admin Color Scheme Picker

Admin Bar Color

This simple and striking Admin Bar Colour WordPress plugin will quickly apply an active admin colour scheme to make your front-end admin bar look attractive. This provides an amazing experience for users who move between the front end and back end.

Admin Bar Color

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