How to Install WordPress with Fantastico

WordPress installation isn’t a difficult thing to do; just that beginners can find this a little taxing. Fantastico is an easy method that beginners can use to get started with the WordPress installation quickly.

What’s more, the process gets completed within as little as 5 minutes. No database set up is required. You do not need to upload any files. Most web hosts provide the Fantastico feature. You begin by logging in to the cPanel of your web host.

Install WordPress with Fantastico

Next, click on Fantastico De Luxe and then click on WordPress on left. New Installation is where you have to head from here. You are greeted by an installation form here. Fill in the form as indicated in the screenshot below.

Select the WordPress domain. You can use a different domain name here by specifying the required directory name. Key in the username and password to gain access to the WordPress blog. Specify the Admin nickname and email address. You have to give the name of the blog and the description of the blog.

WordPress with Fantastico

Now, click on Install WordPress. You are almost done having completed all these steps. Now, click on Finish Installation. All you’ve got to do now is to save the blog’s username and password.

You will see a link such as http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Click on this link. Note the username and pass and reproduce the set in the required fields before clicking on Log In. You are taken to the Dashboard of WordPress from here. There is a Visit Site option on the left side of the top portion of Dashboard.

You are just a few seconds away from seeing how the WordPress blog would look like. A screen showing the sample blog emerges. That’s it! You’ve installed WordPress using Fantastico.

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