How to Install Thesis Theme Into WordPress

Transform your powerful WordPress blog by installing Thesis theme or skins and enhance the beauty of your website. You will get information about installing Thesis theme into your WordPress blog from many relevant sites; below given are some simple, easy to follow instructions that will make the installation quite a breeze!

What you must have to begin with –

  • WordPress.com for your blog
  • A licensed Thesis Theme
  •  Contents of Thesis Skin

An example of a standard Thesis Theme –

Thesis Theme


The core parts of any theme are the ‘Custom’ files. All other files simply support any kind of customization. You need to test the compatibility of the skin and the thesis theme. You can download the information needed for this purpose. Do not buy before you have this information. A stable version is 1.6 which you may use to run for the skin along with your Thesis theme. It is desirable that you do a backup of your existing theme, before you switch, in case you plan a change.

Thesis 1.7 is yet under construction – it is an advanced application with its in-built feature for backup. Meanwhile, use ‘Thesis Import/Export Plugin’.

You ought to go by the given instructions. Here is an example:

Install Thesis Theme Into WordPress

For both ‘Design Options and Thesis Options’ you must “Download Current Layout” .A .datextension will be created for both.

Installation of the Thesis Skin

Follow the instructions that come along with the Skin bundle.

The plugin given above will work if the author has mentioned “Importable” with the .dat extension. Instructions are to be followed carefully.

Or copy using customization files, FTP Uploader: make sure to download your <WP Installation>/wp-content/themes/<Thesis Installation>/customfolder on your Computer; to be done before copying/overwriting the contents.

The installation file has to be followed strictly as given to get the desired results.

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