How to Show Popular WordPress Posts by View Count

Every time a visitor reaches your website, a special section on your website will display popular posts that are being uploaded to the website along with total views count. The popularity of posts on your WordPress website can be further enhanced by showing up the number of page views in an effective way.

There are different ways to display the popular posts of which using the WordPress plugins is one way and the other way is to add a code to the WordPress coding. This tutorial will depict the entire procedure as how to depict the popular posts by views without utilizing any external plugins.

First you need to create a function that tracks the total views count for a single post and save it as a custom field for every post that gets published. To add this feature to the website, you must paste the below given code in the theme’s functions.php file.

Views in WordPress

Once the function is created, you need to call it on or have a reference of it on each post or page. Doing this way will let the function automatically detect the post and total views relevant to it. To activate this function, you need to paste the underneath code in a single post loop.

Views in WordPress

In case, if your website holds a child theme then you must try to make things bit more comfortable. This can be achieved by adding a simple tracker in the header part through wp_head hook. Even this code snippet highlighted below should be inserted into the theme’s function.php file. Once the code is pasted, the custom field will automatically get updated whenever a visitor reaches the post.

Views in WordPress

If you are willing to display the post view count on every single web page, then you must add the below mentioned code in the theme’s functions.php file.

Views in WordPress

And even to organize the posts based on the view count, you must add this simple code in the wp_query post_meta parameter to the function.

Views in WordPress

To know the total views count for various posts published on your blog. There are several popular plugins available that are compatible with any WordPress theme.

Plugins to track and display views of all popular posts:

WP-PostViews – This simple WordPress plugin will depict the views for all your posts and from the settings option, you can exclude few posts for which the total view count should not be depicted on your website.

Post ‘n’ Page Views – Install this plugin to display the number of views for all your posts that are published onto website. This plugin quickly adds a neat column and showcases the total views count in it. To work properly, the plugin requires an external plugin like Jetpack which must be preinstalled on the website.

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