How to Create Directory in WordPress

Creating a wordpress directory takes no more knowledge than basic operating system skills, but you have to be careful though, because a wrong move can cause the whole site to become irresponsive. Most people want to create a directory in wordpress so that they can move their important files to it or reinstall or create a root folder. Or it may be simply due to the fact that most people want wordpress to power their website.

But either way creating a directory in wordpress can be pretty simple when you follow the steps given below. The first thing you need to do to create a directory is to create a new folder location where all the wordpress files will be stored. Name this folder logically so that it is easier for you to find later on. Now go to the settings panel as shown below and click on the General tab.

Create Directory in WordPress

In the general tab find the WordPress address URL editor and add the new folder name next to the website’s URL after the ‘/’. Now again in the site address URL change the directory to the newly created root directory’s URL. Now click on save changes and ignore the error prompt by wordpress which will indicate a file not found. Also don’t try to open your site at this point, as it will lead to a ‘page not found’ error. Now all you have to do is to copy the index.php and .htaccess wordpress files in to the newly created root directory. But be sure to copy and not move the files. Once this is done, go to the newly created root directory and open the index.php file using a text editor. Find the line that says


And replace it with

require('./root directory name/wp-blog-header.php');

Now the newly created directory will hold all your wordpress files and the login page will show the URL with the newly created directory. After the directory creation, go to the permalinks panel and update the structure to avoid disputes.

How to Create Directory

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