How to Change Your WordPress Theme

You can change the theme in your WordPress blog by following these 3 easy steps.

1. Setting up your desired theme: Setting up your new theme is trouble-free and even more importantly, uncomplicated. Just download the theme of your choice and store it in the Themes folder in the WordPress register.

Change Your WordPress Theme

After all the files have been shifted to the folder containing the Themes in your WordPress site, they will be displayed under the Appearance section in the control panel.

2. Organizing the Theme options: Conditionalizing your theme is unique depending on the theme you are utilizing. Normally, the label of your blog, your commercials and images that appears as slideshows are restructured. All this can be modified under the label Appearance in WordPress.

Change Your WordPress Themes3. Inserting the Commercials and Label: This is done by amending the file containing the Header file. There will already be a default label displayed in the site. To substitute it with your own label, create one with aspects 265 pixels wide and 75 pixels high. Once done with creating your label, store it as Logo.png and employ it in place of the Logo.png already existing in the image list under the files that store the themes.

Trying out refreshing and unique themes in your WordPress blog can be likened to the art of riding a bicycle-the more you practice, the more efficient you get at carrying out the task swiftly.

If you are a beginner, make use of the themes that are well devised and you shall not be faced with any imminent difficulties. Once you master the art of working with themes that have a simple code, go on to the more difficult ones. Gradually, you will find that changing your themes in the WordPress site is much simpler than you thought!

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