How to Change Font Type in WordPress

Choosing the most appropriate set of fonts can surely come in handy for accentuating the way pages or the entire website looks.  With no prior programming knowledge required, Use Any Font plugin provides a highly elegant look to the websites while covering up the utilitarian basics perfectly enough.  This plugin helps embed any desired font into the online domain without the constraints of multiple selections and uploads. Just the font format needs to be available and manual uploads can be undertaken without having to worry about anything.


Installing the Use Any Font plugin can be seamlessly easy with the first step being the file upload to the content directory. Activating the plugin follows next on accessing the ‘Plugins’ menu. Server connectivity is then required for availing the API and getting the same verified for a seamless execution. Font settings are given and the preferred selection has to be made for uploading the set across the concerned web page. Individual font assignment needs to be initiated thus singling out the elements or one can also go for the post editors and make changes across the plugin interface. Once installed and activated, the selected font set shows up working on the website, thus adding to the overall grandeur associated with the online business.

Font plugin

Essential Features

While the cloud storage of fonts is not supported with this plugin, the installation and usage combine together for a seamless reconfigurable job. With the initial server scheduling being checked for font conversions from the associated formats, better loading time is guaranteed for subsequent uploads. The simple setup helps you get off the blocks quickly whereas the cross browser compatibility makes this plugin an instant hit among the masses.  Internal font conversions are allowed while being connected to the server on using the Interface Font Uploader, an extremely handy tool for the professionals. With the Dashboard sporting the Editor, direct uploads have also been made extremely fast and lucid.

Font plugin options

Users can select multiple font formats while covering up the basics of extensions, thus providing an extended collection of sets, facilitating automatic conversions. With the fonts being easily embedded, the entire approach comes out to be an SEO friendly one. One can select the desired font from the plugin interface and a faster load time is guaranteed if the internal server stores the same. Font assignment via pre defined HTML tags is also a possibility while adding customized CSS coding schemes within.

Give your website an exciting makeover with changed font sets via faster uploads while the high end Support Forum comes in handy for rectifying issues associated with the installation and subsequent usage.

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