How to Allow Users to Edit Their Comments in WordPress

Why would you want to ensure that users get to edit their content? That’s a pretty genuine question on your part, but then, would you want a situation when a user messes up the comment, and needs to make corrections, but is unable to do so because the website doesn’t allow modifications in the content? Bad or inappropriate content creates a blot on your website, irrespective of whether it’s a mistake on the part of a commenting user.

Apparently, most websites don’t allow its users to edit their writing once it gets published. To take care of this fact, Simple Comment Editing Plugin is there for your rescue. This plugin has been programmed in such a manner that you can effortlessly let the users edit their comments or publications. This plugin has truly redefined the role the definition of such plugins and currently ruling the roost in the business.

We have jotted down the following steps so that you can also reap the benefits of this plugins, just like many websites are doing.

  • Install the Simple Comment Editing Plugin to your desktop. Once it is done, you can allow non-registered users also to change or delete their comments within a short span of time
  • Once the plugin is activated, it grants the non-registered users the access to edit their own comments. Below is the screenshot

Simple Comment Editing Plugin

  • The best feature of this plugin is that although the default time is only 5 minutes to update your comments, you can very easily change the time frame to 10 minutes or more by changing the programming code of the plugin. Below is the process to carry it out.

Simple Comment EditingPlugin

Just change the number in the last row to anything you want to and it will allow you that much of time to change or edit your mistakes. However, please do remember not to exceed the recommended time frame of 30 minutes because beyond that there is a risk of the application getting crashed

Therefore, all in all, it is a great asset to have and it will lend your WordPress website the right kind of flexibility, so that you are able to offer the option of editing a comment to your users. What’s more, it even lets you change the default time within which the edit can be made to the content posted by the users.

This plugin is compatible with all the popular operating systems and it is very easy to install. Simply go through the above steps as mentioned and make the users feel free to write and express their thoughts because now you have a weapon with which you can endow your user comments’ section the feature of being modifiable.

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