How to Add RSS Feeds to Your WordPress

WordPress is one of the most effective and comprehensive CMS solutions to be in function today. But for first time users, it does become a bit difficult to set up their blog in the beginning. Learning to add an RSS feed to their blog can suddenly become imperative for blog owners, and this tutorial teaches them just that.

RSS Feeds to Your WordPress

To create an RSS blog in WordPress:

  • On the Home Page of Feedburner, click on Get Started.
  • Enter the URL of your WordPress blog and click on Next.
  • Follow the instructions in order to create an URL for your blog’s RSS feed and click on next to complete the creation of your RSS feed.

WordPress Sidebar Widget for an RSS Symbol

Adding a symbol for your RSS comes next. It serves as a key linking a visitor to the RSS page where they can subscribe to blog feeds.

  • Log into the control panel’s blog.
  • Select the Appearance tab on the sidebar of WordPress’ control panel.
  • Go to the Widgets tab under Appearance column.
  • Formulate a Text Widget, drag and drop it on the order present at the sidebar of the blog.

RSS Feed Button on the WordPress Blog Sidebar

Uponcreation of a new text widget, entering the HTML symbol for the RSS feed is a must. The code is: <a href=\”http://your-blog-name.wordpress.com/feed\”><img src=\”image-location\” /></a>

  • Enter the code in the text widget you created in the WordPress sidebar.
  • In the initial arrangement of quotes, enter the URL of the RSS feed which was created using Feedburner.
  • In the next set of quotes, supplement the RSS symbol URL that would be added to your blog.
  • Save the Widget.

Once your changes are made, the RSS feed button would appear on the sidebar of your WordPress Blog.

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