How to Add Related Post Widgets to WordPress

WordPress Related Posts plugin, as the name suggests, can be an extremely handy tool for the professionals who look forward to include relevant posts and all the inclusive WordPress expertise for creating websites.

This plugin efficiently creates a page section which contains likewise page links pertaining to similar topics for the readers to look into.

It has to be applied at the footer of the content which would lend an added flexibility to the users for creating websites with similar posts and dedicated links. Thumbnail selections and multiple styles can be selected while reconfiguring it accordingly.

WordPress related posts


This plugin can be installed via two separate interfaces. The modus operandi and the process for each are described as follows:

Via Admin– This process requires the admin access and the user needs to click on the Add New tab provided. Then he needs to search for the desired plugin which in this case is the WordPress Related Posts.

Go for quick installation followed by the activation. Once activated, the user needs to click on the Turn On option for unlocking all the advanced features supported by this plugin while getting rid of the unwanted cache for speeding up the process.

Via Upload– The plugin has to be downloaded in this case and extracted out of a .zip file. User domain has to be accessed for logging in and the options have to be followed accordingly.

Clicking on the Upload option under Add New starts the installation process while the Turn On feature makes the plugin even more resourceful.

Extended Support and Options

Once activated the next step includes seamless linking of the posts which can help add to the content richness of the pages. An exhaustive list of thumbnails is placed below the posts for increasing the page views and content referrals.

This can greatly reduce the bounce rates as the viewers can automatically get the most relevant pages for viewing.

WordPress related posts plugin

This plugin provides an extensive collection of features and settings that you can access instantly once the installation and activation are taken care of.

All these features can be availed from the Tools section of this selected plugin and simpler CSS coding options are also included. The linking process remains extremely simple as the post location has to be included in the link menu and the recursion follows.

Make room for this out of the box approach which epitomizes better readability while engaging the viewers for longer hours. Other than the post related linking approach, the professionals can also select the window which needs to be paired thus eliminating useless redirects and post related thumbnails.

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