How to Add Paypal Shopping Cart to WordPress

Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you could add “Add to cart” tab into your Word Press website. The WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart plugin is specifically built for this purpose. With the help of this plugin, you can easily sell products directly from your Word Press website which in turn will turn your Word Press blog into an e-commerce website. You can easily change or increase or decrease the quantity of the items which you want to buy or sell. One of the best features of this plugin is that it can be merged with the different plugins effortlessly. The following is the installation guide for your reference. Simply follow these simple steps as described and reap the amazing benefits which this plugin has in store for you.

  • Firstly, you would need to unzip and upload the folder named “word press-paypal-shopping-cart” to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/directory.
  • Go to the Plugins menu of your Word Press website and activate the plugin.
  • Login to the Settings page and configure the options.
  • The “Trigger” tab to add a product to a post or page where you want this to appear.

Paypal Shopping Cart plugin


Whole Range of Benefits

The Word Press simple paypal shopping cart has a galaxy of features and some of the best ones have been listed below:

  • The “Add to cart” tab can be easily created if there is any requirement for that.
  • You can sell any kind of product directly from your Word Press website.
  • This plugin will help you to gain visibility among your customers which can help you to make more profits than ever before.
  • This plugin can easily help you to configure discount coupons.
  • It can also be translated to any language and this makes it very popular across all population.
  • You can easily track all orders right from your Word Press website.

Paypal Shopping Cart plugin installWordPressPaypal Shopping Cart plugin install


This is truly a great application to have in your WordPress set-up simply because it provides you with all the necessary features and you can have them under one roof. This plugin will make your life simple and is certainly going to increase the revenues of your business in the shortest possible time. It has great customization features and you can easily refine it as per your own requirements. It comes up with a user-defined manual which will always be handy.

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