How to Add Favicon to WordPress Site

A Favicon is the short form for Favorite Icon. It is usually the icon that is associated with a website when it is marked out for favorites or bookmarks.

Add  Favicon to WordPress Site

This appears on your address bar and website. The steps to create a Favicon are

1. In order to create a Favicon one needs to install a graphic program with the capability to save the files with an end extension of .ico. Some websites do this online for free.

2. Make sure the image that you select is clear, lucid and representative of your website or blog so that it strikes a resonant chord with the viewer.

3. Prepare the image by cropping it down and making the image square and making sure that the resolution is not more than 16 X 16 pixels. Save the file as favicon.ico

4. In order to install the Favicon on your WordPress website, first you need to check the Favicon that is currently installed and delete it using an FTP client.

5. Next use the FTP client to install the Favicon file into the main folder of the current theme of your website.

6. Upload another copy of this Favicon file your website’s main directory which will display the icon on your subscriber’s feedreader.

7. In case you are trying to upload Favicon on older browsers, you need to edit the page header.

8. Go to the WordPress Administration panel and select the design option.

9. Once there click on theme editor and select the file which is named header.

10. Search for the code that begins with <link rel=\”shortcut icon\” and ends with /favicon.ico\” /> and overwrite it.


Add  Favicon to WordPress Site

11. Save the changes made and the new Favicon will be installed on your WordPress website.

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