How to Add a Photo Gallery on WordPress

A photo gallery or slide show can be a nice addition to grab a window shopper’s attention! In particular e-Commerce websites should try and optimize on the theme and the photos on the website.

WordPress offers a large number of photo gallery plugins, which can be found in the WordPress Dashboard. Before proceeding to adding images to your website, zero in on the images and collate them in one folder. Next, you would need to resize your images such that none of them are larger than 1024×768 and save them as jpeg files. You could use Picknik or Skitch to resize your images as well as add captions or special effects to them.

Open a post or page for editing and click on the Add Media button. Now select the files or the folder with the images that you would want on the page. Before you exit the page ensure that you Save all changes.


You also have a series of options to customize your gallery. You can choose the number of columns in your gallery, the order of the pictures and as on.

Photo Gallery on WordPress

Once you’ve finalized the images click insert gallery and you’ve added that much needed color to your gallery.

Editing a gallery is as easy. Simply open the post or page but ensure that you are in the Visual editing mode. Open the gallery and click on the Edit Gallery icon that appears. To customize the order of the images, enter an order number next to each image and select the Order Images by: Menu Order in the gallery settings at the bottom. To add descriptions to the images click on the Show next to each image. Save any changes made and update the gallery settings and you have edited your gallery.

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