Beginners Guide to Posting in WordPress

Are you a beginner with WordPress and contemplating how difficult it will be for you to post your first post on WordPress? The basic guidelines and information in the article will help you tide over this fear of yours and introduce you to features one generally is not able to notice. Enjoy!
Once you are in your writing panel we suggest you to disable the rich text editor as it may lead to errors of alignment and formatting. Now just below the title field is the Permalink structure that helps you modify the URLs and more. There is a word count feature and high utility upload option below the Permalink structure.

The screenshot below makes it quite clear how easy it is indeed to upload the matter from your computer or media library and even content from any URL. All text, pictures or videos can be uploaded using the same process with equal ease.

Wp Posting Guide

Before you publish there are two post status allowed – Draft and Pending Review. The Pending Review options let others contribute to your blog with approval. The Visibility option is by default set to public but can be done away with and you can make password protected posts.
The option Private allows making posts available for only the administrators and the registered users. The publish bars allows you to time your posts and articles and thus is of great help, but do remember to set the Right Time Zone. It’s quite easy. You just need to visit settings tab and go to general. Scroll down to see the Timezones and select as per your region.

Another excellent feature is Experts that help you post summaries to your posts. It’s important that you assign your post a category with related tags for easy navigation. You can choose what to display and what not, change columns settings and preview before posting.

WP New Post Tutorial

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