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35+ Top WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Both the free and paid WordPress News Letter Plugin serve as a powerful tool to build your mailing list or enhance your count of email subscriptions for your website. Though social media has taken over the traditional email marketing, but still newsletters are effectively used in establishing communication with the readers and customers by notifying them with all updated news related to business or a website.

If you would like to build a powerful emailing list for your website, have a peek at our Newsletters WordPress Plugins presented in the below post.


Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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With this Newsletter plugin, users can simply add a real newsletter to their blog or website in just few seconds. This plugin stands as a perfect option for building list and users can customize the emails that are to be sent to the newsletter subscribers and can even keep track of them from the visual editor option. This plugin is SMTP ready and supports full translation into various plugins.

Wysija Newsletters

Wysija Newsletters -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This plugin enables the site users to craft newsletters and post notification for the latest posts that are uploaded to the website. From the plugin settings, users can directly change the fonts and colours with ease. It even provides users with a special option to manage all the subscribers who have registered for the newsletters.

Alo Easymail

Alo Easymail -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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It’s a newsletter plugin that works with WordPress. This plugin allows users to send newsletters and even helps them in managing the subscribers. It supports full internationalization and the entire text relevant to plugin can be transformed into multiple languages. The bounce management feature will automatically unsubscribe all the bounced emails that are sent instantly by the site administrators.


Knews -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This powerful WordPress plugin allows the site users to craft a clean and formal looking newsletter. The plugin automatically recognizes the language in which the entire content is written and due to its compatibility with Polylang and WPML, users can translate the entire content into different languages as preferred by the visitors.

Newsletter Manager

Newsletter Manager -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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Users can craft plain text news letters and email newsletters to all the subscribers who have registered with the website. This plugin even offers support to limitless email addresses and countless email campaigns. The built-in import or export will helps users to have a complete backup of the subscribers list.

Easy Automatic Newsletter

Easy Automatic Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This easy to install WordPres plugin will recycle all your posts into newsletters and send the same to all the subscribers in an easy way. Insteading of sending every updated blog post as a newsletter, users can gather all the blog posts of the previous month and send all at once to the subscribers in the starting of every month.

Email Newsletter Subscribe/Signup Form

Email Newsletter Subscribe Signup Form -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This plugin adds an email newsletter subscribe option onto your website and provides users with all that capability to craft newsletters and send them without leaving their WordPress dashboard. The collected list of newsletter subscribers can be effectively used in marketing campaigns to make the product reach more number of people.

Multi Post Newsletter

Multi Post Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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By enabling this simple plugin user can automatically link their website posts to a newsletter. The process is similar even if the site possessors want to send newsletter relevant to categories. Users can set the appearance of a newsletter by making flexible configurations.

Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Newsletter plugin will provide you with an option to send the Newsletter to all users who have registered with the website. The plugin is available in two different languages that include English and German. This plugin incorporates a special widget through which users can easily subscribe with the website. This plugin even supports internationalization and includes all essential files required for translation.

Yith Newsletter Popup

Yith Newsletter Popup -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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Yith Newsletter Popup, it’s an easy to configure WordPress plugin that sports a clean design popup through which users can insert images, send messages and newsletter to the subscribers. The plugin even offers support to WooCommerce products. Users can either select a single or variable product and the Yith Newsletter Popup plugin will add the products information onto the cart.

Custom Newsletter Template

Custom Newsletter Template -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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With this simple to use plugin, users can easily create a newsletter template that matches their requirements. From the WordPress admin panel, users can configure any part of the Newsletter template to make it more precise.  The plugin even provides ability for the users to manage the content placed on newsletter template such as background images, colour of the fonts used, selective text and title of the page.


EnvialoSimple -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This is intended for users who like to craft a formal looking and high-quality newsletters which can be later sent to all the subscribers. The entire Newsletter can be directly created by the WordPress panel. With the simple drag ‘n’ drop feature, users can either customize the existing Newsletter or create a new one for their website.

EELV Newsletter

EELV Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This EELV Newsletter plugin will include all that features which help users in creating a registration form for the front end and newsletter can be added to the site’s backend section. This plugin allows the website users to insert various shortcodes into the newsletters. On reaching the configuration page, users can even unsubscribe the visitors to the newsletter.

Newsletter Signup

Newsletter signup -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Newsletter signup WordPress plugin adds a simple checkbox that reads “signup to our newsletter” and the checkbox is either displayed under the comment form or registration form. It is compatible with all major email marketing services like PHPList, Aweber, MailChimp and Feedblitz etc. It can even work with other third party plugins like BuddyPress and bbPress etc.


SendPress -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This SendPress plugin is one such plugin that every WordPress user must look after. This plugin is specially developed to aid the website owners in managing their emails and newsletters that must be sent to the subscribers. The entire administration relevant to the newsletter can be done without moving out from the WordPress dashboard. With the theme styler option, users can create a new style to display the newsletter.

Vertical Response Newsletter

Vertical Response Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This widget on adding to the website will insert a newsletter signup form on the sidebar. Now with 100’s of configuration options, users can customize the signup form and add different custom colour to make it look much better than other forms on the website. The signup form can be personalized further by adding your own text on the button.

Fast Secure Contact Form Newsletter

Fast Secure Contact Form Newsletter -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This plugin will make it easier for the website owners to add their contact form submissions to the world’s most popular email marketing platform, Constant Contact. This plugin is one of the effective email marketing tools that can promote your business in a striking way.

Simple Newsletter Signup

Simple Newsletter Signup -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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With this WordPress plugin, a newsletter subscription form can be added onto your website with ease. Through this subscription form, you can gather email addresses of all your visitors which can be further integrated with the email marketing service platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact etc to promote the business relevant products.

BFT Autoresponder

BFT Autoresponder -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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To schedule the automated autoresponder for sending messages and instant newsletter to all your subscribers in an easy way, install this BFT Autoresponder WordPress theme. From the plugin settings page, users can add, edit or delete the members subscribed to the newsletter. It comes incorporated with a registration form that can be positioned at any spot on the website.

ShortBurst Newsletter Sign Up

ShortBurst Newsletter Sign Up -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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To let visitors subscribe to your newsletter, you definitely need to embed a signup form on your website. And to add a signup form in an easy manner, install this ShortBurst powered newsletter signup plugin. On submitting valid details, the member automatically gets added to the ShortBurst mailing list.


Sendit -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Sendit plugin was specially crafted for WordPress users. This plugin allows the site owners to forward newsletters to all subscribers available in the mailing lists. Directly use the Sendit widget or utilize a shortcode to embed the subscription form onto your blog. Users can directly grab the content from existing post or create their own content to send it to the subscribers.

Subscribe Popup

Subscribe Popup -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Subscribe Popup plugin compatible with WordPress will display an opt-in form that requests visitors to submit their details. Once they furnish it, the details will be automatically saved onto the site’s database and sent to few popular email marketing systems like MailChimp, iContact and Campaign Monitor Systems. The site users can configure the size, shape, color schemes and color overlay of the popup window.

Price: $10.00

Subscribe Download

Subscribe & Download

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This plugin allows the users to distribute the content or posts available on the website through subscriptions. On gathering the contact details from visitors, users can submit the gathered details to various popular autoresponders like MailChimp, iContact, and GetResponse etc. As the plugin is translation ready, it can be localized into multiple languages such that even foreign visitors can keep track of the website.

Price: $16.00

AllInOne Subscribe Popup

Multi Events

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This plugin allows the site developers to insert a super flexible and customizable popup box on the blog. The popup window can be displayed on the website in 7 different modes that include on page load, on context menu, on external link click and on idle etc. Once any visitor submits the details to website, it automatically gets stored in the database. The stored data can be later forwarded to popular newsletter systems.

Price: $17.00

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

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An Ajax driven opt-in form will get displayed on your blog or website, once the Subscribe to Unlock Content plugin is installed. For visitors to view the complete content of a specific post, they need to submit their details in the opt-in form and once a visitor enters the details, the entire furnished data will be sent to popular newsletter systems.

Price: $16.00

Royal Footer Bar

Royal Footer Bar -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Royal Footer Bar is highly responsive and can play a crucial role in converting all your daily visitors into email list subscribers. This browser friendly plugin is fully customizable and it even provides some special options through which users can upload images to the website in fraction of seconds.

Price: $39.00

Subscriber Content for Lock

Subscriber content for Lock -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Subscriber Content Lock WordPress plugin will easily create a subscription content system on the website through which all the website visitors can subscribe to the site’s email list or newsletter. Apart from managing the users’ details or verifying the emails, this plugin even includes a list manager through which they can export the visitors’ details to any of the popular email service systems.

Price: $18.00

Subscriber Traffic Pop

Subscriber traffic pop -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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The Subscriber Traffic Pop specially crafted for WordPress users will let users craft an exciting list building tool. The site owners can utilize the Traffic Pop base to turn their web traffic into quick email leads. Through the subscription manager feature, users can keep track of the various subscriptions made by your regular visitors. From the striking Ajax admin panel, site owners can set the countdown time and adjust the background opacity.

Price: $18.00

Groups Newsletters

Groups Newsletters -WordPress Newsletter Plugin

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This Groups Newsletters WordPress plugin will help site owners to have an effective interaction with all their audience by providing targeted information. The site owners can reach their readers or customers through the automated email marketing campaigns. Though it’s automated, still the site users can have complete control over the format of their newsletter.

Price: $29.00

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