Top WordPress Security Tips

One can never be too careful these days with online piracy, data theft and virus attacks reaching new heights. Here are some security measures that can help you be on your guard against such attacks.

Change default administrator name

All WordPress installations come with the username “admin” as default. If you do not change the default administrator name, hackers and robots will exploit this failing; crack your password by using brute force and break into your system.

WordPress Security

Use strong passwords

Always use strong passwords for administrator login as well as for the FTP/cPanel login of your domain web server. Moreover, some plugins such as Limit Login Attempts, Login Lockdown and User Locker can be installed to secure your login. These plugins will make unauthorized entries near impossible.

Additional Security

Some additional security can be added to your WordPress in the form of plugins such as BulletProof Security and Secure WordPress. This will add another line of defense against worms, viruses and hackers. Having said that, one should always be careful while uploading anything to the site, and be sure to delete any plugins that are not being used.

Keep WordPress updated

Always keep WordPress updated to the latest release as they include new security measures and latest bug fixes. It is advisable not to display the version of WordPress that you are using on your site and access to any plugins or directories should be denied.

Backup your data

One should make it a habit to backup all WordPress site and the database every once in a while. If, for some reason, your website goes down, you will not have to look far in order to restore your website. blogVault, Backup Buddy and VaultPress are just some of the tools that can help you backup your site over a secure server.

WordPress Security Tips

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