How to Migrate WordPress to Drupal

Migrating content from your WordPress blog site to Drupal doesn’t require any special tools or consume much time either. All the help you need to export your content into Drupal 7 site is built into your blog. All you need to do is follow the simple steps provided here and you will be well on your way to importing data into Drupal.

First you need create a WordPress export file WXR from your WordPress site. Go to tools in the admin panel, and select export. This opens up a form as shown below, select the files you need to export – whether pages or posts – and click the download export file button. Now use the WordPress migrate module to specify the location of the import – namely the Drupal site.

You can either manually upload the WordPress export file WXR yourself or just provide the address and credentials and the module will log into your account and export the files automatically.

Migrate WordPress to Drupal

Now that the import has been set to a kick off, you can also edit the parameters of the import using the import settings panel. You can choose how to convert the pages and posts from your WordPress site to Drupal.

You can also choose to populate the attached fields or content specific to Drupal; even if you set it default the images and files will be transferred to their proper location.If you had used the Blubrry WordPress plugin to manage podcasts in your WordPress content, you can choose to do the same here at the Import settings. Also you can ensure that the search engines don’t miss out on your site during the migration using the path Alias handling option.

Now that the import settings are in place, just select the import WordPress blog button and all your content would have migrated from WordPress.

how to migrate to drupal from WP


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