How to Embed Video in WordPress

Embedding video in your WordPress websites always makes sense. The fact that this does not weigh down your server is just half the story. Embedded videos add a lot of worth to the website and go a long way in attracting and sustaining traffic.

There are a couple of simple ways you can embed videos in WordPress.

In the method we discuss here, begin by checking the Auto Embed box. This option is in the Media head under the Settings panel on the main navigation, as shown.

Embed Video

You are taken to the Auto Embed settings area where you have to look out for the “When possible, embed the media content from a URL directly onto the page. For example: links to Flickr and YouTube” string. Check the adjoining box.

Embed Video in WordPress

There are other embedding related options here as well, for instance, you can change the default height and width of the embedded video. Once you are satisfied with the size, you can click on Save.

You are done with most of the work required to embed videos in your WordPress web pages.

All you’ve got to do now is arrange for the URL of the video you’d want embedded in the page. For instance, copy the string in the address bar of the YouTube video you want embedded.

Now, go to the page (or the post) wherein you want the embedded video to emerge. Just paste the URL text right at the point where you want your video to come up. Take care not to leave the URL as a hyperlink which could be clicked upon to open the video in a different window.

WordPress does the rest and turns the URL into a video provided the page has been saved. So, when you see it on the web, the URL you pasted takes the form of a video. Simple, yet effective!

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