How to Display Read More Links in WordPress

If excerpts are written in an interesting way, they compel the visitor to click on the link or title to understand the complete post. You can activate this feature certainly with the help of WordPress.

Teasers or excerpts can be displayed on WordPress by following two techniques:

  1. You can keep the content template tag and insert another tag named ‘more’ into the post wherever you would want to.
  2. You can replace the template ‘the content’ with ‘the excerpt’.

The text that is set in the Excerpt Meta box (observed on the post editor screen) is used in either case. If not, the excerpt gets cut off automatically.

The first method is the most used one. You have the choice to “choose” the content, either the complete content or only the excerpt depending on the page that is displayed. With the use of “the excerpt” in the template a sneak glance at some of the first fifty five words from the content of the post is shown without placing the “more” tag into the post.

For adding quick tag “more” into the post, you have to place the cursor at the place where you intend the excerpt content to end, click on the quick tag “more” button. You can see quick tags’ small buttons over the edit window in Administration->write->post->sub panel. They comprise of italic, links, bold, others and also “more”.

You may insert “more” at a place wherever you think it is apt. For example:

“I had already told him to make a move, barring which

I would have taken strict actions.  He was shocked.

He gave me a startled look as if ”


Visitors who want to continue with the reading of the post can click on the “more” option. They can read the complete article. The link in the title is included by the themes and with the help of the methods as explained above, the link is generated with the default trailing of the teaser.

Display Read More Links in WordPress

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