How to Add Related Posts to WordPress

WordPress related posts plugin comes in as an exceptional tool for those who are looking to create magnificent and utilitarian websites while presenting users with the associated posts and links of each page.

This plugin serves the purpose of creating page sections while the widgets associated with this plugin take up minimum space, content footer is where this program needs to be installed for a better usability.

One can thus significantly reduce the bounce rates as the simple recommendations for likewise posts can be looked at, enticing viewers to stay on the site for longer periods. While the related posts across the online domain are linked, thumbnail views for each are provided while keeping the style quotients in check.

Installation and Activation

With two installation options being available, this plugin adds flexibility for the professionals who are looking to create content rich websites with related posts linked within the site. While the admin access is often requested, the user needs to search down the desired plugin for WordPress and initiate the installation.

Once installed, most of the desired features can be unlocked by clicking on the Turn on button, which also comes in handy for clearing out the unwanted cache, thus aiding in faster installation.

Extracting the plugin file for uploading the same can also be an option which needs the user to have access to the concerned domain. Add new option has to be selected and the program needs to be uploaded for installation. Subsequent activation is carried out which brings forth the myriad features associated with the plugin.

WordPress related posts plugin1

Extended Support for the Professionals

While the WordPress related posts plugin has an added utility of recommending similar posts, other features which add to the credibility include an SEO ready response alongside a reconfigurable interface. This can greatly increase the engaging nature of the posts.

This plugin is also popular for providing thumbnail viewing option. The Settings tab comes in handy with multiple features being supported. Multiple themes and styling options can be selected while the posts can also be customized based on user preferences.

WordPress related posts 1

Be it the post title or the author name, the interactive Toolbar provides option for each while covering up the taxonomic essentials. Users can also select the preferred coding option with this innovative plugin.

Use this plugin for all your relevant posts being added to the link menu, thus reducing bounce rates and providing an extended support to the professionals who are looking to include utility alongside grandeur into the web pages.

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