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You can use the footer of your webpage to advertise products and services very creatively. The space at the bottom of the page may not be the most frequently visited space but it is definitely capable of making a huge impact on your target audience; specially readers who frequent your page and people who post comments on your blog. Hence adding a good footer plug-in is a great way of monetizing your blog by using the space on your web page more effectively. For choosing a good footer ad plug-in the two basic options are going for either a premium one or a free plug-in available at WordPress.

The choice totally depends on the kind of investment you wish to make on your website or more specifically the kind of return you expect. In the premium category one of the best plug-ins would be FooBar a specialized ad tool tweaked to suit your special needs of advertisement. The plug-in gives you an opportunity to create as many notification bars as you like.

The FooBar manager will also allow you to effectively manage and control you notification bars. This means that for every page on you site you will have the option of creating different notification bars. Another added capability in the plug-in is its ability to set a constant set of social profiles for all the bars.

This will save you the hassle of managing each bar separately when a major chunk of it is more or less the same. The customization options make the footer very flexible. There are multiple options for colors, borders, height and other such features. Dynamic features like displaying the bar only when the user scrolls or after a span of 3 seconds make for better visiting records. FooBar messages have the capability of containing any HTML. Additionally the left and right bars can contain customized HTML too.

Among the free plug-ins doing the rounds, Header and Footer is one plug-in that provides a great number of feature in a single package. Most importantly it integrates various advertisement features like Google Analytics Code, Google Webmaster etc into a single user friendly unit that allows for manipulation and management from a single location.

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