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30 Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

If you want to setup attention grabbing notification bars for your WordPress website then these Notification Bar WordPress Plugins will help you out.

In this collection, you will find premium as well as free notification bar plugins with powerful features for adding notifications bars on different posts with ease. You can even display notification bars either on the top or bottom of the web page to convey important messages, alerts, updates or news to the website visitors.

With the help of these notification bar plugins, you can easily make announcements, generate more sales, lessen bounce rate, endorse new products and increase newsletter signups and RSS subscribers. Some of these plugins will also help you in creating sticky notification bars for making them float on the entire web page.

Check out these 30 Notification Bar WordPress Plugins for installing it on your site.

WordPress Notification Bar

If you are on the lookout for a great plugin to add the notification bar to your WordPress website then this plugin will be the perfect solution for you to consider. You can easily setup and install this plugin for free including the call to action on your site.

It includes a sticky notification bar, custom message, and call to action button. This plugin can be translated to German, Persian, Turkish and Russian languages.

wordpress notification bar

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WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar plugin allows you to craft notification bar on the top or bottom of the page. You can stick the bar at any position and choose your desired color to make it more visually appealing and attractive.

It helps you set the start and end dates along with user roles, who can view the notification on posts or pages.

wpfront notification bar

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WP Notification Bar

This plugin is designed to showcase notifications only to the desired users. You can quickly and easily setup this plugin and customize the text, colour and so on to match your style.

With the help of this plugin, you can improve the conversion rate and promote products, items or blog posts with ease. WP Notification Bar is language independent and if necessary can be made sticky to web page whenever user scrolls down.

wp notification bar

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Notification Bar

Notification Bar is a beautiful WordPress plugin designed to help users add notification bars at the top of the website. Grab the visitor’s attention towards the notification bar by customizing it with the right choice of colours and text format.

This notification bar will be automatically hidden after 7 seconds time duration. Highlight important news and other messages that you want to convey to your website visitors via the notification bar.

notification bar

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Responsive Notification Bar

It’s a clean and simple notification bar plugin that features responsive design to make it look and work excellent on various screen sized devices like desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

Responsive Notification Bar is lightweight and well coded to ensure future web compatibility. You can display important messages including the call to action button for interaction purpose.

responsive notification bar

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Sticky Notification Bar For WordPress

Sticky Notification Bar is a smart and cool WordPress plugin that can be downloaded for free. You can showcase important message that you want to convey to your visitors by displaying a cool bar on the web page.

Visitors can share bars on their social profiles since this plugin includes social sharing WordPress plugin buttons. You can easily customize and manage the plugin from the backend and enable or disable the sticky notification bar for every post or page.

sticky notification bar for wordPress

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Foobar is an elegantly designed WordPress plugin from Code Canyon. This is one of the best plugin for adding notification bars on the website. You can check out the live demo of the plugin before purchasing it to have better idea of it.

It allows you to customize different elements of the plugin and place bars either at the top or bottom of the web page. It is integrated with Twitter and RSS feeds.


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Superbar is an amazing WordPress plugin that comes loaded with some powerful features to make your website look attractive to the visitor’s eyes.

This advanced plugin allows you to showcase video link thumbnails, animated social icons, countdown timer, custom messages and featured news by installing this plugin for $18. Key features are Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, custom HTML, text formatting, login form etc.

30 Notification Bar WordPress Plugins Super Bar

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Price: $19.00


This notification bar plugin is suitable for crafting notification bars to display them on posts and pages of your website. InfobarWP allows you to target particular web pages, posts or categories.

With this plugin, you can run campaigns for different weeks, days or months. It is fully responsive supporting various devices like PC, tablets, android and smartphones. You can even set infobars to be displayed to the visitors only after some “X” number of page visits.


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Notification Bar

This premium WordPress plugin is specially designed for adding including an attractive notify bar on the website. You can easily control and manage the settings from the backend of your website since this plugin offers you an additional extended message.

It helps you add Google maps WordPress plugin on the notification bar. Notification Bar plugin supports social media icons and popular browsers.

notification bar pro

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Price: $20.00


As the name signifies, this plugin is purely designed for creating and customizing notifications for the website. Notifications plugin makes use of different custom post types for setting notifications as mini posts.

It features built-in filter and various controls to help novice users as well as developers customize the notification bar. It has full support for Theme Hook Alliance.


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Error Notification

Error Notification WordPress plugin is designed to allow visitors notify you of any errors that they have come across on your site. Install this plugin for free and avail this exceptional feature.

Readers or visitors can highlight the word displayed in the posts or pages by pressing Shift + E or by clicking on the link underneath the content. Website owners will be immediately notified with an email stating the error.

error notification

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Wp Header Bar

It’s a smart WordPress plugin designed to grab the visitor’s attention towards the notification bar. This plugin allows you to create unlimited notification bars and set them on the top of the web page for driving more traffic towards the website.

It supports various languages for translating the plugin to Indian, German, Chinese etc. You can check social links for linking it to the social networking sites.

wp header bar

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Price: $39.00


It’s a powerful WordPress plugin that is optimized for all mobile devices and tablets. NotifySnack plugin helps you create smart notification bars for displaying it on the WordPress website.

It includes Twitter and RSS feeds to showcase social content. You can easily install and setup the plugin and customize it to suit your needs. This plugin helps you drive traffic to the landing pages.


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BugMeBar is an annoying notification bar plugin that lets you add the important message on the top of the website screen. The notification bar will be gone only when the visitors click on the close button.

You can enable or disable the CSS3 transitions based upon the requirement. Customize the bar by choosing colors for links, transition, and messages. If you want to notify bar to stick on the top of the page then make use of the fixed position bar.


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Price: $12.00

Easy Heads Up Bar

If you are on the lookout for a free WordPress plugin to add the stunning notification bar to your website then Easy Heads Up Bar will be the perfect solution for you.

Download this plugin for free and start creating multiple bars to convey the desired message to your viewers by placing it at the top of your website. You can schedule start date and end date for the bars and even select the pages where you want the bar to be displayed.

easy heads up bar

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Fluid Notification Bar

With this plugin, you can add a cool and simple notification bar on the top of the website and convey significant messages to the visitors. This notification bar perfectly slides down on any device once the blog or site gets loaded and it includes a close button for closing it.

Fluid Notification Bar plugin is helpful to announce giveaways or inform website maintenance or server downtime messages to the visitors.

fluid notification bar

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Fiat Alert Bar

Fluid Notification Bar is a clean and simple plugin mainly designed to let users create an alert notification bar. You can make use of the shortcode for placing it anywhere on the website like in post, widget, template file or page.

It even allows you to edit the alert bars with ease. Simply install this lightweight plugin without worrying much about the jquery or javascript coding techniques.

fiat alert bar

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DW Promobar

DW Promobar is yet another simple WordPress plugin that can be easily setup within a matter of few minutes. This plugin is especially designed for crafting promotion and message bar for providing meaningful messages to the customers.

It allows you to set countdown clock and configure other elements of the plugin to suit your requirement. You can also display text messages and customize the colours of the link including text.

dw promobar

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jQuery Form Validation

jQuery Form Validation is a clean, simple and minimalistic designed WordPress plugin from Code Canyon. You can easily install this flexible plugin and add notification messages about success or errors.

This plugin has full support for localization to translate the text to any local language. Key features are call back function, HTML markup, password strength meter bar and bootstrap compatibility.

jquery form validation

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This plugin is mainly designed for creating any number of rotatable topbars for your WordPress website. You can create several topbars and set start time and end time for displaying it randomly on the website.

WP-TopBar plugin helps you deliver important message or images to your visitors by placing it either the top or bottom of the web page. You can add CSS or PHP and customize every element of it with ease.

wp topbar

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Widgetized Stickybar

It’s an elegant plugin that is compatible with the latest released version of WordPress. Widgetized Stickybar plugin is designed for those who wish to add widget bar to their blog or website.

It lets you decide where you want the widget bar to stick either at the top, bottom, right or left edge of the website. This plugin is built with latest WordPress practices and translation ready. Customize the widget bar by choosing from different colours, opacity, size and total number of columns.

widgetized stickybar

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Price: $12.00

Genesis Scrolling Notifications

Genesis Scrolling Notifications plugin works great for those who wish to add attractive notification bars to their child WordPress theme. As a WordPress administrator, you can choose from different notifications for placing it either on the top or bottom of the website.

You can easily customize the plugin and set striking background colour to make it more visually appealing and attractive to the visitor’s eyes.

genesis scrolling notifications

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WP Header Notification

It’s a modern WordPress plugin designed to allow users add a stunning notification bar on blog or website. This notification bar looks quite similar to the bar placed in Google search engine.

Add your own text or message for displaying it on the bar and have a preview of it by clicking on the “See Now!” button. This notification bar includes a close button for removing it from the website.

wp header notification

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