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Ink WordPress Theme

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A clean and stylish portfolio WordPress theme that’s ideal for designers and digital artists, Ink combines clean design with bright and eye-catching graphics. Built with the needs of web designers, creative directors, and marketing studios in mind, this cool yet classic theme conjures images of 80s magazine culture and cutting edge style.

Ink is a responsive theme that scales to fit the browser window and device that it’s displayed on. Mobile users can enjoy a stripped down version of the theme that has just as much usability and access as its larger counterparts, while PC users can view the theme in all its glory at a higher display resolution.

With a simple four-column grid design, Ink effortlessly blends navigational features and rich media with great balance. The left-aligned column is used to house most of the theme’s navigational tools, with links to major pages, social media profiles, and a variety of other customizable widgets contained within the sidebar.

The theme’s only other navigational feature is a small category menu on the upper boundary of the theme. Grouping pages and rich media into categories, this bar lets users quickly isolate a specific type of media – video or photography, for example – while excluding the rest of the website’s content.

Designed from the ground up for designers and artists looking to showcase their best work, Ink has a powerful administrator panel that makes it easy to customize the theme to your liking. Users can customize Ink’s color scheme, background and grid images, and add or remove widgets to suit their website’s goals.

An ideal theme for digital artists, web designers, magazine publishers, and even web marketing agencies, Ink blends style with usability to create a theme’s that’s just as user friendly as it is great looking. For your next media-driven online project, this is the WordPress theme to choose.

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