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One of the cleanest WordPress themes we’ve seen in years, Hydrogen is a stylish theme that combines large amounts of white space with dynamic rich media and fantastic design sensibilities. This fantastic theme is perfect for media portfolios, video and photography websites, and even media and design-focused businesses.

Hydrogen’s homepage template combines modern three-column design with a large graphic HTML5 slider. Built to show off rich media and photography, the homepage of Hydrogen immediately shows visitors a large image, a top bar for navigation and corporate branding, and three columns of content and navigational material below.

The first two of the three columns are used to display recent blog posts, with small template images and short snippets from each blog post arranged in a rectangular grid pattern. At the bottom of the homepage, visitors can find a four-column photo and art portfolio widget that shows off photography, artwork, or page content.

The homepage concludes with a bottom bar that can be customized using various page widgets and plug-ins. In the standard version of Hydrogen, the bottom bar is outfitted with a text widget, Meta login and accounts widget, and a blogroll section containing links to important pages and other blogs.

Hydrogen includes templates for a full width content page, which is ideal for text-heavy blogs and content-based websites. The theme’s standard page layout uses a small right-aligned sidebar featuring tags, blog categories, and other customizable information that’s useful for readers.

While most users will instantly associate Hydrogen with design websites and photo portfolios, this vibrant and versatile theme can be used for a lot of different subjects and materials. From online businesses looking for a clean design to web designers in search of the perfect portfolio, Hydrogen is a highly versatile WordPress template.

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