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The Fantastic Headway Visual Editor – WordPress Template for Web Designers

Fantastic Headway Visual Editor

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Headway is the single most important, coveted and beneficial WordPress template for web designer. Build any layout you can think of, add colors, change fonts, change

structure and watch your creativity take form into something concrete, all with the help of this template.

Its features ensure that you don’t have to write any codes. Create your web page exactly how you want to by simply dragging boxes to the right of the screen. Each block that you drop can then be used asw\\ header, navigation, content or widget areas.

To make creating web pages even simpler, the Headway grip layout system helps create page structure with the click of the mouse. You can create the most visually appealing web pages without hassles now.

With the theme’s search engine optimization features, your site can be easily and safely found online by millions. The Headway user community is a very helpful portal to answer all your queries and give interesting creative inputs.

For seasoned developers, Headway has an instant, live CSS editor, exclusive blocks API (helps you create custom Block types), child theme API and many more cool features.

Headway is built to see that any customization you do in a child theme is safe no matter what. When Headway is upgraded, your child theme will continue to function properly.

Also since Headway has partnered with developers like Press75, Allure Themes, Organic Themes etc no other theme framework on the web can contest them in this department. With Headway block API, you can drag plug-ins content around anywhere in the grid.

The theme also boasts of killer features that help you copy and paste your Google analytics code, create rounded corners, and attain search engine optimization perfection without any plug-ins and much more.

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