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Lodos WordPress Theme

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A simple light-colored theme built for designers and digital artists, Lodos offers a clean design centered around a large HTML5 homepage slider. Ideal for designers and web professionals seeking a clean platform to show off their best work, Lodos gives developers a simple platform for displaying their skills and experience.

Lodos features a relatively short homepage design that contains just three vertical sections. The top navigational bar is centered on a logo, which can be customized to suit the user’s requirements. On the left side, you’ll find a simple navigation menu; on the right side, you’ll find a search feature, as well as social networking links.

Further down the homepage is the HTML5 slider – the focal point of Lodos’ page design. As a template clearly built to help web designers and digital artists display their work online, Lodos features a large HTML5 slider without any informational overlay features that links out to portfolio pages or static informational pages.

The bottom half of the homepage features a simple three-column information area, which can be used to display page content or link out to blog posts. Below this is a very basic bottom bar containing Meta information and blogroll links – two widgets that can be customized to suit the developer’s requirements.

The portfolio pages of Lodos use vertical scrolling and a single column to display art and design work, as well as a short right-aligned column containing information. As a design theme built for promotional use and blogging, Lodos also contains a basic text-based blogging page layout that’s ideal for short posts and extra content.

While its designer and artist-focused design limits its versatility, Lodos delivers a very specialized experience for users seeking a good portfolio theme. Clean, simple, and designed for maximum usability, this design-focused WordPress theme is ideal for designers, developers, and artists looking for a good platform for their work.

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