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VideoZoom – A Super Special WordPress Template for Videos


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Video intensive websites attract loads of customers and traffic, provided the content being offered is valuable. And if you are confident that your content is worth eyeballs, you can leverage the power of a neat and elegant WordPress template for video to surge on the popularity charts and search engine rankings.

Videozoom couples up amazing looks with enviable features and presents an irresistible option for all those looking to have a video centric website up and running.

Each post you put up on your website can be housed in a custom-made layout with the custom posts option of the Videozoom theme for WordPress. The WordPress Dashboard feature allows you to quickly and effortlessly create custom menus.

The remarkable video slider feature allows you to serve your featured videos with some style. Your readers will simply fall in love with the single click style change feature that makes the posts undergo amazing transitions of style.

Add to it the WPZOOM Options panel and the Custom Page Templates, and you have a fully customizable theme with some stunning features to create your video website with.

This WordPress theme for visual playback is compatible with WordPress 3.3+, and this means that you will be able to make use of all the latest WordPress features with this theme.

SEO options of the theme are in plenty and you can be rest assured that you will be able to monetize the website easily and effectively without much struggle with technicalities and confusing menus.

To add to this, the theme is loaded with amazing options such as a banner management facility and custom background support. With all these and the extensive support for users, Videozoom emerges as an interesting and worthwhile option for anybody looking to set up a video centric website.

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