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Grace – The Holiest WordPress Template for Churches


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A WordPress template for churches needs to strike the perfect balance between visual appeal and functionality, and Grace does exactly that. The developers have ensured that the theme proves to be all that you need to have your church website up and running.

Due attention has been paid to presenting an aesthetically appealing outlook without compromising on the usability of the theme. Users can pick from three equally impressive color schemes to mesmerize their site visitors with. In addition, the super powerful control panel makes administration as easy as it gets.

The front page is the biggest impact your website can have on visitors, and special WordPress themes account for this. Grace theme for church websites empowers your site with a customizable front page.

This ensures that your website remains unique and reflective of your personality. The customization buzzes to a new level with the intuitive menus of the control panel that allows you to skip all the cumbersome coding.

You can execute changes of all degrees with simple mouse clicks. The local language translation feature adds still more to the power of the theme, the implications being that you can set the pages up in your local language.

This ensures that your churches websites have the local flavor maintaining an international appeal. Uploading images is easy, and generating thumbnails with the auto-resizing thumbnails feature of the package is even easier.

Compatibility will never be an issue if you pick up this cool and classy WordPress theme for your church’s website. You are provided a PSD file so that your creativity is never made to wait and you can change the look of the theme as and when you feel like.

Compatibility with the latest and most powerful WordPress features like threaded comments and Gravatar integration also adds more value to the deal you get with Grace.

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