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So, you set up your website recently and are looking for the perfect WordPress template 2011 created web pages now that there is some decent traffic coming in.

Your WordPress template must be the differentiating factor setting your web presence apart from similar service and content providers. This is precisely the reason why the Lifestyle theme for WordPress seals the case with its mystifying looks and added functionalities.

Online content presentation was never so stylish before this! 2011 marked the unleashing and unveiling of some really classy themes for new websites, and Lifestyle is right at the top of the list of such amazing templates.

Flexibility is the USP of this theme. The dozens of smart preset layouts and neat designs ensure that you do not need to worry about the designing and presentation part of the website.

All the mesmerizing designs of Lifestyle fit all kinds of content perfectly, right from text to videos. Of course, the variety of options means that you have the opportunity of presenting everything with a dash of your personality.

With 10 color themes, half a dozen layout options, custom background and featured images, there is no way you can run out of combinations and colors while posting new content on your website with the Lifestyle theme in action.

Built upon the Genesis framework for WordPress, Lifestyle is among the more complete templates for WordPress. If you happen to be looking for a fine theme for your 2011 website, you might just have the complete solution in Lifestyle.

Of course, the fact that it comes at a very reasonable price adds to the value for money quotient. You are also entitled to unlimited support and updates with a purchase of Lifestyle theme, so there is all the more reason you should consider it for your 2011 website.

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