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WordPress Template for Bloggers

One-in-All WordPress Template for Bloggers

We know how exasperating it can be to trudge through unimpressive WordPress templates; which is why we bring to you the One-in-All WordPress Template for Bloggers – designed specially to cater to you, the demanding blogger.

This template is really convenient to use, being compatible with Safari, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, WordPress 3.3 and all major browsers. It is also compatible with 1E8 + 1E7+ 1E6 and has custom thumbnail images and PSD files along with XHTML+ CSSS.

The great thing about this template is that you don’t have to be constrained in your choice of themes. The extensive themes option lets you design your blog according to your own tastes and quirks. Not just that, it also has unique features like an optional blog style structure which would set your blog apart.

The template provides for a smooth table design making it stylish. It has 4 color themes which let you go all out to make your blog represent your personality. It is also advertisement ready and has widget ready sidebars.

The gallery section adds to the complete package that this template boasts of. To see the theme adjust to different screen sizes is refreshing, and this means that your visitors will never be served out of frame images and other such visually disconcerting volleys.

This WordPress template is beneficial for all bloggers out there who are looking for a wholesome aid. This template provides you with all the tools that any blogger would desire for. Its features are not run-of-the-mill and are innovatively crafted to suit your all and unique needs.

It also gives you the flexibility to design your blog exactly as you want it. With so much to pick from, and all the choice accompanied with sturdy performance plus a nice basket of useful functions means that you have the perfect one-stop solution to your blog theme needs.


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