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Photocrati – A WordPress Template for Photographers

Photocrati WP Theme

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The Photocrati WordPress template for photographers is an extremely valuable tool created exclusively for photographers out there. Any photo blog or a website featuring your photography needs

to look both professional and sleek, and above all, easy to navigate.

One needs to integrate one’s photo galleries with features that are user-friendly like swift loading speeds and great search engine response. Photocrati guarantees you all this and so much more.

The basic advantage with the latest edition of the platform is the blazing speed it offers to the user when it comes to updating the site, which is a must for photographers.

The dependable customer support they offer you ensure that even with zero experience in web design, you will have the most professional photo website on the Internet.

Built with photography in mind, it has amazing features that are exclusive to the photo world like copyright protection for images, gallery management and iPad/iPhone compatibility, which are difficult to find elsewhere.

The template does not bring about any compatibility issues and works on most versions of the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The service is independent of your choice of operating system and will work as long as WordPress has been installed correctly.

Photocrati offers you some stunning options when it comes to photography themes, with over 60 different customizations possible. The great built in e-commerce galleries ensure that you do not need to be conversant with HTML or coding to conduct business over your site.

The theme will create an optimized website for you in a jiffy, ensuring maximum visibility on search engines to your photo website. The basic reason you should opt for this photography exclusive platform is the fact that it’s the best value for money for photographers.

Addition of content is both easy and fast and since it’s built on a WordPress platform, any plug in addition or tool modification is a cinch. With none of the hassles associated with a flash site, this is truly the best gift a photographer can ever receive.

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