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Best Premium WordPress Car Templates

WordPress Car Templates

There are certain target areas for which WordPress comes out with unique and innovative services time and again. The automobile sector is one such area which WordPress lays great emphasis upon. The kind of themes for the industry available on the web is not of supreme quality and lack authenticity.

Unless verified from an official source, these themes tend to be malfunctional or riddled with inherent fallacies. There’s a lot of effort that goes into the publication of these themes. Thus it is upto the users to value those efforts and extract the maximum benefits from these services that WordPress has to offer. Enlisted below are some of the most authentic and original themes which are extensively used in the automobile industry and offer the users with a wide variety of choices.

Carmag WordPress Theme:


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Carmag, an excellent theme for websites that share information about the latest cars across the world. This amazing theme supports wide range of custom widgets, drop-down menus, a Javascript slideshow and other useful features.

The theme supports anti-spam without captcha, so that users need not scrutinize the captcha every time before uploading a post.

Cars & Motors WordPress theme:

Cars & Motors

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A stylish and eye-catching theme designed specifically to showcase the latest automobiles and provide latest news related to automotive industry . With its red and white colour schemes, it serves as a best option for auto reporters and modern photographers.

This theme includes different types of inner pages, static pages, a right aligned navigation sidebar and a 2 column page template.

AutoPortal theme:

AutoPortal theme

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Autoportal is an excellent choice for individuals willing to develop a website that shares information about cars and its parts. It\’s quite easy to install the theme and it comes with a great navigation feature.

This theme includes huge set of advanced features which allows you to create a custom post. The front page slider of the theme aids you in attracting the visitors by showing good articles on homepage.

Car Dealer WordPress theme:

Car Dealer

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A premium WordPress theme that is integrated with \’Criaglist\’ to make care dealerships. This theme comprises a featured photo gallery and lightning fast search. With the card dealer theme, users can include full vehicle specifications and a financing calculator.
It\’s standard features include 5 colour styles, a logo uploader, style-sheet switcher and few gorgeous galleries.

Car Repair:

Car Repair

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Car Repair is a perfect website dedicated to cars and is tailor made for all car lovers. With a wide variety of designs and themes being updated every single day, Car Repair provides the much needed flexibility and space that users prefer when working in WordPress. Its features are:

  • It does not require the users to be proficient in CSS, HTML and PHP in order to ensure that their website looks attractive
  • Efficiently converts the makeup of the user’s WordPress site in a very short span of time
  • Simple installation procedures
  • Compatible with all versions of WordPress
  • No additional costs to be incurred by the user
  • Consists of 2 columns
  • Simple configurations

Car Blog:

Car Blog

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An automobile related site, it offers unique perspectives into the world of cars and machines and keeps the user thoroughly interested and entertained. Its features are:

  • Enough space to fit in multiple widgets
  • Various columns throughout the site and even at the footer
  • Color options of various hues and contrasts
  • Multiple background options
  • Customized widgets and sliders
  • Instant advertisements



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Yet another theme in WordPress which is absolutely free of cost and packed with terrific features. Its catchy designs and multiple theme options further enhance the desirability of the site. Its features are:

  • Valid in XHTML and CSS
  • Provision of quick and innovative advertisements
  • Links to Social Networking sites attached
  • 2 column structure
  • Banners of dimensions 125×125



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A simplistic yet immensely impactful theme in WordPress, it caters to the demands of the automobile industry. Companies in the automobile sector make use of this theme on many occasions to lend depth to the services they are offering. Its features are:

  • Easy customizations
  • Comes under the framework of SMT
  • Customized widgets
  • Button connecting to all Social networking sites
  • Instant shortcodes and bars
  • Localized and quick translations
  • Customized menu bars
  • Contains Anti-spam measures

For more information, visit

Auto Magazine 2:

Auto Magazine 2

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It is the second installation in the ‘Auto Magazine’ series. Unlike the first installation, Auto Magazine 2 has more varied options, improvised theme choices and quality services. Its features are:

  • Easy installation using assistance from HTML
  • Advertisements of dimensions 125×125
  • Customized images on blog posts
  • Huge image gallery
  • As many as 5 different skin options

Clean car:


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Easy to use and extremely innovative, CLEANcar is an automotive theme specifically used in automobile sites. Its multi-faceted use has made it a prime source of automobile promotion in business circles. Its features are:

  • 2 column structure
  • Limitless sidebars
  • Provision of contact forms
  • Subscription through email
  • Regularly featured videos which are updated
  • Compatible with all major browsers



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Designed literally for those who live, eat and breathe cars, Carlusts’ unique magazine cum blog style has captured the imagination of one and all. Its features are:

  • Valid in HTML only
  • Optimized through SEO
  • Inclusion of administration panel in options
  • Easy and quick uploading of theme designs
  • Enhanced settings in the image galleries
  • Compatible in WordPress and supports only posts entered in the WordPress format.

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