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Best Premium Lawyer WordPress Templates

In this modern world, the reach and potential of the web is not unknown to anyone, least of all to professionals. The benefit of the web lies in the fact that it allows you to showcase all your skills and talents to a potential client base at minimal cost and helps you reach out to a wide customer base.

The best way to do this is with the help of a blog. A blog helps you to display all the services you have to offer to new clients and help them choose from the broad array of services you provide. In recent times, law firms and lawyers have started taking full advantage of the boom when it comes to blog usage with more and more people turning to law blogs to solve their problems.

However, for you to attract suitable clients there are certain steps you need to undertake and installing a professional legal theme for your blog is the first amongst them, so that your potential customer base is impressed by your professional look. We take a look at the ten top legal WordPress themes:



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The best WordPress theme that fits best for the attorney, lawyers or any firms that provides solution for legal issues. The theme has customized design and it provides advanced theme options along with a drag & drop slider.

Attorney comes with different layouts that includes home page template, attorney details layout, full width template, right sidebar template and a contact template.



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This is a WordPress theme for lawyers designed specifically to meet the needs of attorneys, offices of legal firms, consultancy offices and other quasi legal firms that often require an official looking website.

The importance of the lawyer theme, which is also one of the most popular themes, is the fact that it is a no frills web theme, which is very important if you are trying to establish an identity for your firm. You don’t want your content to be overshadowed by the colors and the layout and this theme ensures that the focus remains on the important matters throughout with the help of its stark and minimalist design.

Quality Defence:

Quality Defence

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This theme has been designed keeping the needs of the startup company or the individual lawyer in mind. Not every lawyer gets to work in an established firm nowadays. Indeed, many promising lawyers leave lucrative careers at famous law firms to start their own companies. The first challenge for such novice companies is to establish credibility amongst potential customers and the Quality Defense theme helps them promote their business and generate leads.

The importance of this web theme is that it can be used by anyone, from an experienced veteran to a novice who is starting out without even knowing the basics of programming. The theme itself has a prominent photo display which can be used to showcase the impressive nature of your firm. Other than that, it has prominent categories which can be used by the companies to segregate their clientele.



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This is an all in one solution for one’s legal problems. The theme has been designed to take care that every aspect of the theme coordinates with each other well so that the lawyer doesn’t waste any time in sorting information.

The theme has multiple functionalities with a wide array of options so that every legal service that can be needed has some space in the website. Strength of the web theme is the fact it is easily customizable so that lawyers or law firms can tweak the website to their own benefit.



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The basic look and feel of this web page is like a business portal which is specifically designed to help the lawyers and attorneys promote their business. In the modern world, a lot of legal firms are also businesses and a lot of corporate firms are big clients for lawyers since business law is a big part of any firm’s legal services.

Hence, it’s important that these legal firms have a professional look so that the business clients are attracted to it. The theme has multiple widgets and modules which can be sued to share important news and videos with the rest of the world. The theme itself is flexible and hence can be customized for any business use.

Alliance 2:

Alliance 2

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The primary way it is different from its cousin template is the fact that this is not a business oriented theme. Instead, this has a huge photo display and multiple display cases so that the visitor leaves with a memorable impression of the legal firm.

Often, with a lot of start ups, it is important that first time visitors translate to real clients and it is only possible by giving them a powerful impression of your services. The attractive red and black theme backed by stylish graphics and high speed execution ensures that any legal service can be executed within minutes.

Attorney Agency:

Attorney Agency

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This theme has been designed specifically keeping in mind the interests of the established firms with a refined taste. This is an elegant theme with a minimalist rich brown design that has a lot of taste and charm in its design. It is perfect to suit the needs of lawyers, attorneys, consultancy firms, legal firms.

Some of the most useful aspects of the theme’s design are the homepage slider that allows you to showcase your business; the theme is loaded with all of the modern gadgets while retaining an old world charm.

Dan Adams:

Dan Adams

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This is again a one stop shop for all of your legal services. This serves best for a lawyer or a law firm that has a lot of services, since the theme has multiple categories and has been designed in such a way that the information can be neatly displayed.

Attorney group:

Attorney group

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This theme has been designed with the interests of small law firms in mind. The sleek but elegantly designed theme has been backed up with impressive technology and widgets so that new law businesses are impressed with the web template.



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If you are an independent attorney or are stating up a new company, you should consider downloading the Wilson theme. This theme comes with a modern yet understated design that is sure to boost your business. In addition, the theme requires minimum knowledge of coding.

Dan Adams Law:

Dan Adams Law

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This theme works wonders for small agencies and start up law firms. Although the theme itself is not expensive, the design and finish of the website seems professional and up market. The elite look is carried throughout the theme and is extremely important in nabbing clients.

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