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Best Premium WordPress Resort Templates

Whenever one travels abroad, checking for resort and hotel bookings on the web gains foremost priority. Booking for rooms in resorts and hotels online is time saving and also surprisingly affordable. Over the years, this has become a lucrative profession for resort owners as creating a website for their resort with the help of WordPress does not require them to invest heavily in designing.

All that is needed to be done is to select a theme, incorporate the relevant information and voila! the website of the resort is operational and running. Thus enlisted below are certain themes in WordPress which are tailor-made for hotels and resorts.

Nice Hotel:

Nice Hotel

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Specifically designed for hotel and resort owners, this theme option in WordPress caters to the demand for booking of rooms and services online. Its features are:

  • Management of accommodation procedures which allows the user to insert descriptive images of the rooms and services on offer
  • Customers wishing to book a room in the resort can do so with the provision of the booking wizard where they can book rooms and services they require, the confirmation of which shall be sent to their mailbox.
  • Has the provision of easy translations and equipped with the newest edition of WPML
  • Compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad
  • Easy configurations on the contact page and home page
  • Provision of updating the website by regularly infusing a list of upcoming event and activities



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Specifically used for resorts and guest houses, it provides the user with a detailed insight about the resort they are choosing at a single glance. Its features are:

  • Provision of a unique administration section wherein WordPress would by default create a page for the rooms
  • Customers, under Guesthouse would be empowered with the order forms in circulation which would allow them to send feedback and enquiry forms to the hotel
  • Efficient backup mechanisms
  • Provision of WordPress themes in HTML5 Format
  • As many as 20 different sliders
  • Unique stylization options
  • Limitless color options
  • Customized widgets

Queen Hotel:

Queen Hotel

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A simple and attractive template for resorts in WordPress, Queen Hotel increases the marketability and productivity of the resort which the resort manager is attempting to endorse. Its features are:

  • Fairly effortless and uncomplicated theme options
  • Provision of a unique page for rooms and accommodation
  • Regular updates of upcoming events and testimonials
  • Menu manager option which organizes all the items on the menu bar in a systematic and organized manner
  • Customized widgets
  • Provision of multiple sliders with JQuery type sliders
  • Instant translations
  • Effective documentation of files and folders
  • Multiple layout options
  • Easy user interface

Aegean Resort:

Aegean Resort

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A responsive theme in WordPress, Aegean’s compatibility with cellular devices allows its users to gain access to it from their phones as well. Its features are:

  • Wide variety of template options to choose from
  • Provision of booking and registration forms
  • Huge collection of photos and snippets
  • Provision of only the most relevant and important theme options
  • Use of files which are easy to translate and localized
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Limitless variations in color
  • Competent customer care options



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A strong theme designed in WordPress, it not only serves the interests of resort managers but also other business entities and corporations. Its features are:

  • A panel displaying the theme options
  • Customized menu bar
  • Sliders featured on each and every post
  • Customized widgets
  • Default page templates and options for background options
  • Resizing of images by default
  • Solid support mechanisms



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Here’s the only theme which has the capacity to transform the users’ WordPress site into a completely operational resort website with conventional systems of room booking. Its features are:

  • Customized theme options
  • Standard page templates
  • Inclusion of files created through Photoshop
  • Solid documentation and PSD files included
  • Inclusion of feedback forms
  • Optimum utilization of search engines

Hotel Booking:

Hotel Booking

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This one’s primary theme template in WordPress; and it allows the administrators to completely create and design a website for their resorts with facilities for booking and reservations. Its features are:

  • Provision of Auto Installation methods
  • Systematic design of the homepage
  • Management of online booking activities
  • Instant translations
  • Featured sliders on the Homepage
  • Short codes inherently integrated
  • Limitless design settings and options.



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Professional as well as personal WordPress theme template which can be utilized both for creating websites for hotels and resorts as well as in websites referring to luxuries and lifestyles of people. Its features are:

  • As many as 5 different color schemes
  • Cheap and affordable with discounts of upto 40%
  • Easy customization of the Header
  • Customized menu layouts
  • Large image gallery

Welcome Inn:

Welcome Inn

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An apt theme for Hotels and spas, its munificent features promote its brand value and simultaneously attract potential customers. Its features are:

  • As many as 3 different skin options
  • Auto installation techniques
  • Easy utilization of shortcodes
  • Customized widgets and sidebars
  • Automatic resizing of images
  • Compatible with all browsers.

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