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Best Premium Nightclub WordPress Templates

Nightclub WordPress Templates

After a hard day’s work unwinding your body and mind and letting your hair down by a visit to your favorite nightclub is an idea that seldom fails. Especially for all those who go by the ‘work-hard-party-harder’ mantra! But perhaps what is not cool is when one has to debate and contemplate on which nightclub to visit – particularly not after a long day.

Night Club owners and entrepreneurs take note! How best can you cater to your customers’ needs? And what are the best ways to portray your clubs and promote your business the right way? First-rate Nightclub WordPress Templates are here to provide solutions to all queries.

Websites and blogs dedicated to Nightclubs complete with top class designs, photos and themes are now just a click away. Musicians or bands or entrepreneurs, these advanced WordPress Templates have everything to serve your needs and for less the money required to make elaborate websites. Following are some themes suited to cater to every taste.



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The theme comprises a WordPress custom menu that lets you alter the existing menu links and it comes with a shortcode kid plug-in that aids you in adding columns, buttons and wide range of information for your website.



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Nightclub by Fearlessflyer is an exciting theme that can be the energy driving and one of the finest blogs for a nightclub. It is perfect for putting up all kinds of attractive photos, party shots and even some stunning footage of the night before’s tête-à-têtes. A team of expert administrators make possible a customized webpage complete with an impressive slideshow, size appropriate photo thumbnails, various social buttons and a flicker photo feed also.

Attractive fonts, colorful representations and rich textured hues, all take Nightclub to a whole new level. Its threaded comments provision allows for a fun and informative interactive process even. It even has free theme for downloading!


Disco Ball

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Disco Ball by Di comes with limitless use of fantastic designs that are appropriate for those into night life business, ranging from wine and dine bars, dance/music clubs to even DJs and bands. The most impressive feature of this particular theme is the wide variety of choices available for different color options, pictures, plug-ins, and customized logos for a total of $138. There is another option that allows one to request a personalized customization as well.


Night Club Blog

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Night Club Blog also by Di comes with the promise of an enthralling experience of an amazing night club right before your computer screen. True to its name, the template is perfect for all those night clubs out there who definitely want to make the mark in the online domain by showcasing their range of attractive offers.

A simple to understand categorizing including the archive option make it quite user friendly and interactive. Vibrancy of colors and design truly find reflection in this catchy and hip template.



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DJ Alise by Cowboy is as swanky as it looks. This particular WordPress Template allows you to turn various posts into photo galleries and slideshows informing about past and future happenings. Threaded conversations are also a smart and wonderful way of ensuring a more active involvement of guests.



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This Black and Pink Night Club WordPress Template by Di again is a big hit with night club blogs and the pink hue in the backdrop adds to that glamour quotient perfectly. The brilliantly placed logos and pictures will certainly get one into the party mood. This particular theme comes with various widget options making it effective for diverse applications in the night club business. From event coverage to dazzling conversations of the night before, everything is just a few clicks away here.



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The blue drink in the glass and the blue hues in the background, well complemented by the white in between will surely catch one’s attention. Get into the party mood, as this particular template comes with the promise of just the right kind of information about parties and that too in an eye catching manner.

The spice and excitement in the air almost transpires to you as you unfurl the attractive features of the theme. The reasonable price range is surely the icing on the cake.



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Pendulum by Rascals is a contemporary WordPress Template that will immediately appeal to all those music lovers out there – from DJs, musicians, bands to all kinds of music enthusiasts. Pendulum can also be used to create portfolios. Limitless color options and background manager are only the beginning of its wonderful features.

What is most impressive is perhaps an uncomplicated access to Cufon and Google Web font libraries that makes available nearly 400 different font styles. To make this theme even more striking there are 3D sliders supporting all kinds of video options. Full localization and step-by-step video tutorials make this theme even more stunning. Pendulum comes for a price of $40.



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SoundWaves by SMThemes comes as free as it gets! It is a wonderful and a professional theme template with a host of great features like music players, social share options, multiple languages and translate options, sliders supporting videos, customized menus and color supported posts. Needless to say the free price tag takes the cherry away from this very popular theme.



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NightClubbing can be the perfect online representative for your night club. This WordPress theme enables you to endorse your business the right way thereby catching the right attention. Its top class features include an AV player suited to run videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, ReverbNation etc., a slide show, photo gallery and even social networking options such as Facebook.

The calendar allows easy and user-friendly management of events. With its 7 color design plate, NightClubbing has been created particularly for nightclubs and is available for use just a click away.



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Dance Floor by Gorilla Themes is a coming of age theme designed especially for night clubs and DJs. With an AV player that is well-matched with iPad and Android phones, this theme needs no plug-ins, making them almost ancient history! A stunning slideshow and an event management calendar add to the vibrant structure of the website thereby making it attractive and user-friendly too.

Incorporation of social network options like Facebook and Twitter is guaranteed to make it a hit. A ‘banner management’ is a unique feature added to it, along with a 5 color palate, a bi-lingual option (English and Spanish) and provision for uploading original songs even! All of this comes for a price of $39.95 (essential package).

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