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Best Premium Cinema Blogs WordPress Themes

This wide array of WordPress themes especially designed for cinema blogs gives you more preferences than you can possibly imagine. Let your creative juices flow and ignite your web pages and blogs. Add that ‘zing’ to your site with great new features from the numerous choices of themes. All themes have some common features like sliders, photo gallery, work contacts, design bundles, translators and much more. You will never want to do without WordPress themes ever again. Explore and enjoy!

Movie Star:


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When it comes to themes that primarily cater to cinema blogs MovieStar is definitely one of the best WordPress themes available. It is simple and elegant while providing excellent options for customization and has a very interactive and user friendly admin interface. This theme allows for several trendy customable widgets that can be placed on the homepage itself, and this theme too has an unlimited scroll down facility. Technologically the MovieStar theme is very sound as it operates on the SMT 2.0 framework and provides the blogger the ability to employ features such as a slider function, Google map shortcodes, a translation tool, social networking share feature and a contacts page amongst several other nifty add-ons.

Cinema Lounge:

Cinema Lounge

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Yet another terrific theme for cinema, cinema lounge WordPress theme provides tremendous functionality set against the beautiful backdrop of a classical cinema stage. Although it has been primarily developed for cinema websites, it allows a great deal of customization and therefore can be tailored to the needs of the user. This theme features an interactive and easy to use admin panel, along with customable widgets, unlimited scroll, and slider amongst several other implements that makes this a truly vibrant and fun theme to use.

Film Star:

Film Star

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The FilmStar WordPress theme is one of the most fundamental and user friendly themes available to users. It allows the user the latest in blogging technology be it sharing the blog through social networks, adding widgets to the homepage or using Google maps through shortcodes, while keeping the design and artwork rather simplistic and accessible. For a beginner this theme is highly recommended due to its easy to use admin panel and uncomplicated design. However it should not be misconstrued that it is any less functional than other themes, as it provides all the technological sophistications of the latest themes available such as SEO optimization, related posts, contacts page, and slider function amongst several others features.



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As a theme Cinematic is extremely clean and crisp in terms of design and visuals, whilst providing the best and latest in terms of technological features and options. Set in a black and red backdrop, this theme does not draw attention away from the content. Furthermore, through the use of the latest version of SMT Framework it allows the user the ability to share YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and Vimeo widgets whilst still providing all basic functional features such as a translation tool, slider function, custom widgets, Google maps, custom sidebars and unlimited scrolling amongst several others.



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An excellent solution for cinema blogs, the Picturizer theme for WordPress is functional and user friendly, providing user’s capabilities such as custom widgets, custom menus and sidebars, translation options, SEO optimization, a slider feature and an unlimited scrolling function, amongst several others while offering a easy to navigate and use administrative page. Simple, attractive and functional, the Picturizer provides those interested in cinema blogs a truly unique tool that allows them to explore and express themselves to the fullest.

Movie Spot:

Movie Spot

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Movie Spot boasts of being a simple yet attractive WordPress theme, and to this end it is not wrong. It has been created keeping in mind the recent trends and changes in technology and is therefore mobile friendly. It has more than 4 custom templates for the user to choose from. It provides the user the ability to implement the latest widgets and customize them as required. Apart from the basic functions and an easy to use admin page, the Movie Spot theme is SEO optimized and allows for sharing through social networks whilst also featuring a shopping cart option in case the user wishes to integrate selling in his/her blog.

Movies Time:

Movies Time

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MoviesTime is a theme created specifically for cinema lovers. It was created with the film industry in mind, and therefore can cater to any genre of film, television, or even DVD websites. This theme features a very elegant and sophisticated design, which not only makes it extremely user friendly and easy to navigate but also charming and interactive. This theme is mobile friendly, allows the integration of selling in the blog, has several custom page templates for the user to choose from, is SEO optimized and also allows custom menus and widgets to be used as per the convenience and wishes of the blogger.



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When it comes to writing film or television reviews, the Reviewer theme for WordPress is by far your best bet. Available in two layouts, and five background pattern options, this theme allows the user the ability to localize and translate the language as per country it is being used in. Not only is the design entertaining and interactive the theme allows the user excellent options in terms of sharing and customization. It features ten font options, unlimited color options for links through color pickers that are included. Two sidebar styles, a section for featured posts, ratings graphs for authors and many more cool and exciting features which make this truly one of a kind.



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This easy to use theme for WordPress is perfect for cinema bloggers as it provides user friendly administrative options, customizable widgets and menus along with several powerful features such as SEO optimization, a translation tool, a slider function, unlimited scrolling, Google map short codes, contacts page and social networking options making this a truly dynamic and enjoyable theme to use. Its simple yet vibrant design, complimented by the latest technological tools not only allows the user to express their areas of interests succinctly, but also allow them to engage and captivate their users.


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