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CinemaLounge – WordPress Template for Cinema Blogs


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The ideal WordPress theme for cinema blogs, rich media websites, and technology gurus, CinemaLounge is a dark yet classic theme that’s both easy to read and quite an attractive theme to look at. With a white-on-black text color scheme, this theme is undoubtedly designed for text-heavy movie and television review websites.

If your website happens to fit this description, CinemaLounge may be the ultimate WordPress theme for you. With a large HTML5 slider at the top of the page, there’s no shortage of space for rich, high-definition media. Link out to your top posts or simply add some visual flair to your design with this huge rich media area.

Below the HTML5 slider is a short sampling of recent blog posts, each condensed to fit in the required space. CinemaLounge puts a heavy focus on content, with the side bar on the homepage dedicated to listing recent blog posts, user comments, as well as listing embedded videos for movie trailers or in-depth video reviews.

While CinemaLounge is designed for movie and television websites, it’s also a great choice for websites about music videos, concert footage, or anything to do with the entertainment industry. From Hollywood gossip to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, this clean and user-friendly theme is perfect for all forms of multimedia consumption.

Whether you’re a movie blogger, a budding musician, or a historian looking to keep an online catalog of your favorite films or concerts, the CinemaLounge WordPress theme is one of the best on the market for your type of website.

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