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Best Premium Gadget WordPress themes

To explore and discover the gadget world is a task that many would consider as being tough and virtually impossible. Huge publishing houses do time and again foray into this strange world but they have the required resources to do so. Matching their abilities or even coming close to them might seem a distinct possibility at the beginning, but unless that first step is taken, the journey will never begin. Dedication, motivation and some unique WordPress gadget themes are all that is required. Once the necessary ingredients are arranged for, the recipe for success should not take much time to be cooked.

PIM Newspaper:

PIM Newspaper

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It is a stylish and imaginative theme which is primarily used for magazines, newspapers and blogs. It is very flexible in nature and contains a wide variety of widgets and fonts. The control panel allows the user to control the layout of his/her site.

It also consists of 3 skin options and fonts for the header along with multiple options in the display of the homepage. It organizes the posts according to their respective categories and also provides for efficient customer care services.

Yen Magazine:

Yen Magazine

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A blog template that works very well for magazines as well, Yen Magazine is incorporated with the most recent features in WordPress. It consists of as many as 13 customized widgets and the images are featured on WordPress as well. The menu view can be customized in two different ways and the dimensions of the ads that can be posted on the site are 120×240 and 125×125. Multiple font options are provided for and the images are generated through thumbnails.



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 Initially designed for magazines, it works well for newspapers and blogs as well. It creates a lot of room for banners and consists of as many as 8 news sections. It is perfect for people who wish to garner profits by advertising their interests and hobbies. It is very user friendly and installing it requires little or no effort. The pictures posted resize themselves automatically and are adjusted within the thumbnail system. The users furthermore can make use of their own personal logos or emblems and it is compatible with all major browsers.



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It is a dominant theme used in almost all publishing houses. Articles are beautifully presented by incorporating them under the ambit of this theme. All the articles featured are mentioned in the homepage itself. The zoom technology allows the user to customize and resize every single detail. The slider on the homepage furthermore is customizable. The page layout options are diverse in nature and the menu panel can be personally developed by the user.



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Initially designed as a site for magazines and blogs, Continuum has now transcended into a theme which can be incorporated into any site. It provides for almost 150+ theme options and has an easy user interface. It is compatible with WordPress 3.0 version and has different layouts depending upon the type of article being written. The 5 JQuery sliders and 3 menu panel options just add to the elegance of the theme.



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A recent addition to the WordPress family, Caulk works best for newspapers, magazines and product reviews. It is well-structured, easily comprehensible and provides for a lot of room. It is an out-of-the-box concept which has captured a lot of attention in the recent past. 8 color schemes and 2 back ground options form an integral part of this theme. It categorizes posts according to their relevance and is integrated with Social networking sites. It is extensively documented and compatible with WordPress 3.3 version.



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This is a well-endowed theme in WordPress and is loaded with a wide range of features. It can be incorporated into any field though it is highly preferred for magazines and newspapers. It consists of limitless skin options and three-tiered post format. A review system is built within the mechanism of this theme and it consists of two custom pages. It is incorporated with a lot of shortcodes which further increases the salability of the user’s website.



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This provides the basic framework for genesis in WordPress. The features of this theme correspond to its name. It is very user friendly and is affordably priced. It provides efficient customer care services round the clock and is highly localized. This theme is very responsive and works on a ‘one-click’ basis. The theme layout options are multifarious in nature and it organizes the contents of the site in an orderly fashion.

Top Gadget:

Top Gadget

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 This is the best site for gadgets, technology and other related news. It serves a newspaper or magazine website to the hilt but it also ensures that the technological aspect is retained. The singular parts of this theme are very well constructed leading to the entire package acquiring a professional and formal design. It validates the efficiency of the site. Thumbnails are used to generate images and the SEO options which are such a necessity are set as default in the theme. It is highly compatible with the 3.0 version of WordPress and has an extensive dropdown menu. The control panel allows for the user to customize the theme’s appearance and there is enough space provided for the advertisements.



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Made for sites containing everything about gadgets, the gadget theme consists of an improvised control panel which provides the user with full control of the appearance of the site. Customized widgets are provided for and it is made compatible with the 3.5.1 version of WordPress. It is optimized with XHTML code lending a mass appeal to the site. There is enough room to accommodate advertisements and the files are extensively documented.


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