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WordPress Wedding Guestbook Plugin

RSVP Plugin is a Word Press Wedding Guestbook Plugin that is very easy and simple to use. The guests find RSVP very easy, thanks to this plugin. This plugin enables to specify the starting and closing date to RSVP, the custom greeting, the vegetarian as well as kids meal verbiage, the RSVP yes and no text, creation of greeting message for each guest and entering a custom ‘thank you’ message etc.

It creates custom questions expected from the invitees and make additions and deletions in the guest list. It can import the guest list from an Excel page and also can export the same. It also specifies email notifications to be made following RSVP by guests. The plugin also facilitates association among the guests.


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RSVP Bee is another plugin that can keep track of guest lists. His plugin keeps the track of specific information about individual guests like name, contact details and relationship with other guests etc. It can add, view, update and deletes guests from the guest list. Guests can modify the information pertaining to them and RSVP to the event through the WordPress site.

Photographer Connections

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‘Photographer Connections’ is another plugin that connects WordPress to various APIs that are relevant to photography. Though it provides templates, tags and codes its main function is to enable communication with the photography sites. The information provided by this plugin can be useful for other plugins.


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‘CountdownClock’ plugin provides an animated countdown clock for the event. The user can select the image, color and size of the countdown. This plugin offers choice for colors for the text and background, clock layout, animations and pictures etc. The text, date, time and time zone are set according to the choice of the user. This plugin supports 22 languages. One or more dates can be set up for the countdown. Event can be entered in the sidebar using the widget or can be kept in the posts or pages by applying shortcodes.

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