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If you wish to start an effective affiliate marketing program and save yourself from the chaos it might create in managing all the links then this plugin is a feast for you. All sellers and developers willing to start an affiliate program and managing it in the simplest manner can have the right system for that through this plugin. The Affiliates Plugin is a complete application, keeping in mind the constraints and requirements of all potential users. It allows site owners to integrate affiliates with any and every E-commerce platform.

The plugin has unlimited tools to manage links and for tracking visits to your site through different affiliate links. It provides great flexibility to developers who can deliver customized solutions based on authentic and reliable data model. The plugin has got unlimited tools to experiment with as per the requirements of your business and site. It keeps in front the information on the working of affiliates and their contribution to the business. It has sufficient tools to manage referral partners and track their contribution to the site’s traffic and consumer base of the business.

Long story short, the WordPress Affiliate Plugin provides tools to start an Affiliate Marketing Program by linking sites, managing affiliates, creating referrals and tracking the effectiveness of each affiliate. It provides an easy way of setting standards and comparing those with actual results. So if the traffic diverted from a particular affiliate is not much worth then you can make relevant changes in the model or if an affiliate’s cooperation is highly worthwhile then you show your praises through embedding simple short-codes on your site.

The Affiliate Marketing Plugin is simple yet very effective and relevant and fulfills all requirements of an Affiliate Program. Try it now and see the power yourself!

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