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Working with WordPress and developing custom plugins is quite simple if one has little knowledge about the programming framework of php and CSS. Although users find it relatively easy in administering WordPress, it is ideal if users are assisted with some extended help. The WordPress Extended plugins do just this.

They help in providing users with enhanced opportunities to effectively deal and administer the WordPress platform. There are many plugins that help users to administer WordPress and operate its various plugins. One such plugin is WordPress Dashboard Editor. The WordPress Dashboard Editor can be used to add additional functionalities to the WordPress platform by using programming commands in php and Hyper Text Markup Language.

The plugin can also be used to add sidebar widgets. The plugin also helps o get rid of unnecessary elements that can sometimes occupy unwarranted memory and helps to deal with them in a productive manner. The plugin is supported by WordPress version 2.0 or higher. Although it is not designed for the most advanced version of the open source blogging platform, it best serves the purpose in the versions 2.0 to 3.0.

In fact, the features of the Dashboard Editor are much more advanced than any other extended plugin that is compatible with these versions of the WordPress platform. The plugin helps to add tags and widgets to allow for accentuated usability. Some other important features of the Dashboard editor include:

  • The installation process is easy and less time consuming
  • The plugin comes with video tutorials that help users understand the various features.
  • Allows for removing sections of the dashboard and adding new elements.
  • Widgets and other elements can be added to the dashboard using simple PHP commands, prior knowledge of which is not really necessary.
  •  Stats of users who are online can also be displayed, again with the help of simple PHP commands.

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