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With its enviously successful range of plugins, WordPress is just building on a tough benchmark in the levels of competition among the blog hosts. The showcase is just another successful investment by WordPress in this regard. WordPress showcase plugin has enhanced the user reviews of interface adaptability, especially in case of those who are regular bloggers or WordPress users.

There are people who click pictures too passionately, be it themselves, of nature or regular abstract art photos. And then there are those who are really keen on seeing them, browse through the net trying to figure out what would really suit as their desktop background that particular day.

Whichever category you are in, it is just an unavoidable fact, that pictures are an important part of your life. Now what if you have an option of putting them all up on the internet, sharing them on your blog, creating unlimited albums with unlimited photographs and all this through a pretty simple and flexible interface? Too cool to be believable, eh?

Well, that’s exactly what the showcase plugin lets you do. By just being on one page, the WordPress page, just drag and drop your pictures and create an album. The album so created will have a little short code for it. For linking the album, all you need to do is copy paste the short code onto your post and you have your album linked neatly. WordPress has integrated the showcase plugin keeping in mind the workability of such heavy interfacing. With a simple user interface and stunningly elegant looks, WordPress is surely playing it real hard in the market.

If you have pictures you want to blog and brag about, and you want yourself off the bugging procedures of jumping here and there for putting up pictures, WordPress is your haven. Go for it, it’s just a few dollars away.

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