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In easing out theoretical situations to user friendly practical scenarios, WordPress is definitely rolling the dice. With WordPress’ Short Link Maker Plugin, you have the liberty to change the name of the link people would be visiting on your site. You have the liberty to have the link names and page ids to be as simplistic as possible or as hard to read as ancient scripts.

For the developers and those users whose homepage on their browsers would BE their WordPress page, this plugin is surely coming as a relief. It would obviate the need for those mind boggling page names that they had to remember for hitting and collecting the specific statistics of that page. For minor users, the general bloggers, it’s a pretty cool plugin to hang around with to create new names and ids for your pages.

With the short link box on the bottom right of your edit-page view, it is easy to give names and link them to other webpages of similar or different kind. By default, this link is bound to show you a number which is based on the number of posts in your blog. With the help of this plugin, you can edit it to practically anything. That’s how flexible and user-friendly WordPress is trying to work things out.

To get it working, all you have to do is upload the downloaded folder by the name of short-link-maker to the plugins directory of your WordPress. And then, hopping on to your WordPress plugin menu, just click away for activation of the plugin. If you are wondering that couldn’t be so easy really, then welcome to WordPress plugins world. Things are a lot easier and they just rock and roll.

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