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You want to sell your products and services and you wish to blog about them too at the same time. What could be more of a savior for you if both these things get down together to work as a single unit? With the e-commerce plugin for WordPress, all of this is now possible. WP E-Commerce is just the plugin for you. With easily designable templates and extended flexibility, you cannot ask for anything more.

WP E-Commerce Plugin offers you almost all the PayPal methods along with Chronopay, Google Checkout and many more. It offers support to other WordPress plugins too and can be integrated with WordPress MU too. The yet more advanced facilities that the plugin provides are the free shipping option, the price and quantity discount options, Google site map and promotional links for the users to share and advertise your site and its products on popular social networking sites.

Besides the functionality, the plugin gives full access to the designers for changing and customizing the appearance with CSS and HTML coding. It’s a technology haven for the designers, really! With table, flat and weight rate shipping along with multilingual multicurrency adaptability, is this not a complete package in itself?

WordPress also offers you the support and knowledge you may need to get things started. Loads of video tutorials have been made available to its users with complete support from their enormous community of users. Installing the plugin is just as easy as any other plugin of WordPress. Just download the folder and upload it back to your plugins directory and activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin menu. And there you go!

Well, quite frankly, if you are looking for a place to trade off, WordPress with its amazing little plugin is at your service. So get started!

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