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One of the worst problems that bloggers face nowadays is the deluge of spam comments and posts that tend to be posted on their blogs without their consent. Even if you are one of the few who moderate the comments on your blog, it becomes extremely tiresome to manually sift through all the comments and separate the spam comments. Often the spam comments are a way for people to promote their own products or websites which is why they post a lot of such comments on all of your posts which makes it that much more difficult to manage with their spamming.

With the rise in blogging across the world, blogs are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the youth, who see blogs as a new way for them to express themselves. Hence it is extremely important that you filter spam from flooding your blog and making it look cumbersome and irritating. Although WordPress itself has some mechanism to tackle spam, with a lot of cases, it is simply not enough for the basic features to work and you need a new mechanism to deal with spam. Hence you need plugins to deal with the problem.

The best and the most popular plugin that a majority of people use today is Akismet. One of the first plugins to be designed to tackle spamming, the beauty of Akismet is that it comes in the default package with the WordPress blog design and hence doesn’t require any of the cumbersome html code editing that adding any foreign plugin entails. This ease of use makes sure that you do not have to tinker with the code of the website.

The plugin is light and easy to use and will not slow your website down, which is a problem with other plugins. It needs a registration key but once you have completed the setup, you needn’t worry about it anymore. It is extremely reliable and doesn’t need periodic checking.

One of the major benefits of Akismet is that it doesn’t require periodic updates. You could simply install it and forget about it. It will gather information about spam on its own and get smarter at sorting out your website by itself. The only thing needed is periodic updates. This helps in increasing your SEO ranking.

While it is free for personal use, for professional use in your office, the fee charged is nominal. On top of that there is a vast supply of pre built libraries and plugins. Akismet monitors literally millions of blogs and different forums, thereby keeping a tab on all the tricks that spammers employ, including buffer sites and social engineering tricks so that your blog can’t be fooled by the same.

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