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Among the numerous WordPress manual translation plugins transposh provides the best translation filter to WordPress. 66 languages can be translated using this plugin and they can be corrected manually. This is in fact a combination of automatic translation and manual translation.

Transposh supports any language and translates RSS feeds also. The languages that are translated by Transposh are searchable. External plugins are also translated for which po or mo files are not required. It is very easy to choose the translatable language from the interface. Either Google translate or Apertium backends or MS translate can be used. Automatic translation commences on demand. Titles, hidden elements and meta contents etc are also taken care of by the translation plugin.

Transposh is a very fast WordPress manual translation plugin and is quite easy to use. The security of this plugin is assured and it increases exposure of the site to search engines. The installation process is also very simple. After uploading the plugin to the directory the same is activated through the WordPress plugin menu.

After setting the page the viewable, translatable and default language is chosen, clicked and dragged. The automatic translation mode is to be either enabled or disabled. Always the widget is to be added to the sidebar and the user must choose the interface according to his preference.

When the user wants to prevent translation of certain text that element is to be wrapped with “no_translate” class. Different images can be brought in different languages. Green color in the administrative interface indicates that that language is active. Users who are able to translate can only see the language in yellow color.

The language is dragged in order to bring them in the same order in which they are in the widget. Selection of the default language is also done by dragging. The languages are sorted by the sorting links and the default language will be the first one.

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