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WordPress Admin Management Extended Plugin

Wordpress Admin Management Extended Plugin

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The admin area controls a WordPress website. The editors and authors publish their contents to posts and pages at the admin area only. Many website owners call for the improvement of the existing features and addition of new features to WordPress. The admin management extended plugin enables the extension of the features of WordPress.

Various plugins can enhance the features of WordPress websites. These plugins are available for free download and they ensure the protection of the site and provide the website owner with more control over the users. With these plugins, the site owners can extend the specific areas according to their requirements.

Editorial calendar is the plugin that makes proper scheduling of the posts. This plugin provides a calendar page to the admin area and the posts scheduled for a particular date are shown against that date. The titles and publishing time of the posts can be edited using this plugin. The ‘Quick Edit’ option enables the publisher to effect changes in the contents of a post.

When someone submits a post the publisher is informed about the same by a collaboration e-mail which is a feature of a highly useful plugin. On approval of the post, the same plugin sends an email to the contributor informing about the approval. Another feature enables coordination among the authors.

The content audit plugin enables review of the old content so as to decide whether the same content should be kept or removed. By way of setting a period of time, these plugins can be made to automatically identify the outdated contents so as to inform the authors accordingly. Among the various admin management extended plugins ‘Edit Flow’ is a very powerful editorial plugin that has a host of features. This plugin has a calendar for proper scheduling of the posts.

This plugin facilitates the exchange of views among authors and editors, issues messages to them regarding the status of a post and also provide editorial Metadata. The website owner can manage his staff in a better way with the help of user groups that are featured by this plugin.

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