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A good WordPress Jquery Banner Slider Plugin has a very simple and intuitive interface thereby enabling the users to save a lot of their time. The moment an image is uploaded the slide is ready for use. The Code Canyon Jquery slider plugin is very easy to install as well as customize and it offers a host of valuable features.

In this slider there are more than 60 varieties of transitions and also options are provided for fine tuning of the slider. The users are provided lavishly with all facilities such as sectors in both directions. Custom transitions as well as links are provided for each slider and enable the users to create very easily more banners and sliders.

Another special feature of this WordPress Jquery Banner Slider Plugin is that the banner and ads appear on the same page. This WordPress slider supports skins and the CSS editor enables fine tuning of the skins. When the newly created skins are uploaded to the server they become one among the existing skins and the admin will automatically show an additional button for the same.

It is possible to have any number of Ads and sliders since these plugins support several sliders or banners on one page. The slider can manage up to 5 ads on one page. The slider plugins enable easy and fast updating of the ads just by bringing new images. While most of the other plugins support only one slider on a page these plugins support multiple sliders on one page.

Animation alacrity, optimization, user-friendly interface and browser compatibility are the outstanding features of these plugins. The implementation as well as modification is very easy. It is possible to bring major changes to the slider. The animation speed and availability of number of vertical and horizontal sectors enable the users to easily build new sliders.

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