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In order to accept contributions from guest authors the blog must be optimized for guest posting. The following WordPress Guest Post Plugins are recommended for such blogs to ensure the safety of the blogger as well as the co-authors.

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails plugin enables the blogger and the contributor to be notified regarding status of the guest post. This plugin functions in three different modes:

On submission of content by a co-author the plugin informs about the same to the listed approvers who are selected by the blogger. The approvers will be provided with a link in order to edit the content.

As soon as the post is approved the contributor will be informed by email about the approval and also name of person who has given the approval. In case of the articles that are directly published the contributor gets a link to view the same. When a particular time is fixed for the post to go live the same will be informed to the author by email and when the article is published he will receive another email confirming the same.

When the post is reverted to the status of ‘draft’ the contributor will be informed about that by email and he will be provided with a link to edit the post and submit the same again.

The ‘WP Status Notifier’ is almost similar to Peter’s Collaboration E-mails Plugin. This plugin sends emails to the contributors of pending reviews informing whether the posts are accepted or rejected. This facilitates moderation when there are many contributors to the blog. The configuration of these plugins is very simple and they do not require access to database. They enable optional notifications to contributors about the moderation status and the pending posts need not be checked manually.

‘The Dashboard: Pending Review’ plugin provides an additional widget for the dashboard that displays the pending posts. This enables the visitor to view the post that is to be reviewed immediately after logging in.

The Peter’s Post Notes for WordPress plugin provides an extra panel to the sidebar where additional notes or messages can be added and sent along with the post. This enables the approver to forward his suggestions and the collaborator to provide a report or request for advice. The notes in the extra panel are also saved with the post.

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