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The ideal WordPress Guestbook Generator Plugin must be able to adjust automatically. It should have ample options to customize in several ways as required by the user. Posts and pages can be shown with it and the plugin must be easy to set up. ‘Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress’ is considered as an essential plugin to maintain a proper guestbook.

This is a much customizable sitemap generator. It is customized from its own page in WordPress. The outstanding characteristics of this plugin are supporting multi-level pages and categories, exclusion of pages, generation of multiple pages with provision for navigation, choice for display, permalink support, showing comment counts and date of postings etc. Contributors can make their submissions in any language since the latest version of this plugin extends complete support to language files.

Guestbook Generator

Guestbook Generator

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 Those who opt to upgrade this plugin have to install the new version after deleting the existing one. For new version new language files are to be used. After installing the new version the button for “load default options” is to be clicked. The latest version generates the sitemap very quickly which is a great advantage for large sites.

Most of the codes are rewritten in version 3.0. By adjustment of their settings the sitemap can be made to spread over a number of pages. Those who use permalinks should not fail to enter the page slug of the sitemap page in the plugin options. Permalinks can be used for navigation also. Once the slug setting is altered the permalink is to be updated. This plugin is provided with two built-in CSS classes that enable to change the appearance of the sitemap very easily.

The two declarations for CSS are to be added to the CSS file and the user can customize it the way he prefers. Two different methods are offered for sitemap navigation. The language files of this WordPress Guestbook Generator Plugin are located in /wp-content/plugins/sitemap-generator/lang/.

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